Sunday, December 14, 2008

Angela's bridal shower

(Katie, Me, Angela, Meagan, Megan, Ashley, Emily)
It's happening. It started with Alyssa, then Carlye, and now Angela. One by one my freshman year friends are getting married. Wonder who's next?
Congrats Angela!

Christmas craft

My last craft at the state hospital. Santa is in the doorway :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

The end of classes

People these days are stressing about finals. I'm not. Maybe something is wrong with this picture. Hmmm.... oh well, not really too worried about it :)

Can I just say that life is beautiful? It really is! When you take time to look at the little things around you you realize just how true that is.

I was feeling quite festive today. It finally started snowing in Happy Valley. We've had a snow drought and it's about time it snowed. Can't really believe I'm saying that but yes, I enjoyed today's snow. I was driving to campus in the snow, with my coat, scarf, gloves, the works and a Christmas song came on the radio. I felt like I was in a movie.

It's the last week of classes. Not even a full week really. Just three more days! I've decided to finish out the week strong! Going to every single class, even the dreaded and given up on Chemistry. I still have two more Psychology of Gender assignments. A paper for Abnormal Psychology, a test for Abnormal Psych, a test for Chemistry, and a quiz for Sports Nutrition (I think that's it) before finals start but who's stressed. Not me! (and I'm serious, I'm really not)
And that's not all going on this week. I've got my Naturalization test this Thursday, along with that day's classes, and Angela's bridal shower that night. That will be my second bridal shower within a week. And of course, my America Party Saturday night to celebrate me finally becoming an American citizen.

Once classes are over I will work full time from 8-5 getting 9 hours of work and hopefully take the majority of my exams by Wednesday night before Paloma comes to visit. I want to have enough free time to be able to show her around Utah. It'll be her first time up here and I would feel really bad if I didn't make time to do something with her.

And best of all once classes are over is the move. I get to move to a new apartment and I'm so excited! and I have the best friends. I've already gotten two offers to help me move :)

And then HOME!!! heck yes you can bet plans are being made :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Go figure

So Katie showed me this cool website. You do this survey thingy and then based on your prefrences it gives you a list of 25 cities most suited to your tastes. What's the first city that it shows me?

St. George, Utah - go figure.

The rest of the places are:
Little Rock, Arkansas
Greenville, South Carolina
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Clarksville, Tennessee - gross
Ocala, Florida
Alexandria, Louisiana
Gainesville, Florida
Charleston, South Carolina
Augusta, Georgia
Jackson, Mississippi
Athens, Georgia
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Auburn, Alabama
Bryan-College Station, Texas
Charlotte, North Carolina
Las Vegas, Nevada
Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi
Norfolk, Virginia
Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, Virginia
Jacksonville, Florida

I guess I am a Southerner afterall :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving break

For Thanksgiving break last week I went to California for the first time ever! Meagan was kind enough to let me tag along and spend Thanksgiving with her family since it's too expensive to fly out to Texas.

We left on Wednesday morning and got to Rancho Cucamonga around 6:30pm. It was raining from St. George all the way to Cali and there was traffic in Vegas so it took longer than expected. We started our vacation by going to bed at 8 that night. Pathetic I know, but we just ended up passing out on the bed. On Thanksgiving day we took a tour of Rancho and stopped in at Bass Pro Shops. Meagan had never been in one so we had to remedy that. Then we had dinner, took a nap, and went to watch Four Christmases. Can't say that movie was my favorite. It was alright. Then we were planning on going shopping at the outlet stores at midnight but ended up falling asleep again. Needless to say we got lots of sleep during the break. On Friday we went to the mall in the morning, I didn't buy anything! but I did take some pictures :)
Then Friday night we drove down to Newport beach. It was my first time seeing the Pacific ocean. I liked that it was too cold to get in the water because honestly I'm afraid of the ocean. It was nice to sit on the beach and look out into it though. We also got a pazoookie. It was so good.
And I ate at In N Out for the first time ever. I liked it.
Saturday we decided to start the drive back so we would have to do it all on Sunday. We stopped in Vegas and went to the temple! It's so beautiful, but then I guess most temples are. No, we didn't visit the strip. Yes, we're weird.
So we spent that night in St. George and then stopped by the St. George temple on Sunday morning. Once again, absolutley beautiful!
Then it was back to the real world and Provo. I did not want to come back. Only 3 weeks till I get to be home in Texas. I haven't seen my family in 6 months. I'm excited.

Monday, November 24, 2008

This past weekend

was eventful....somewhat. It started off on Thursday night with Carlye's wedding reception.
(me, Katie, Carlye, Alyssa)

It's so strange that Carlye and Alyssa are married. Not really all that strange though, they married some great guys.

Friday night was Mr. BYU. It was awesome. I'm so glad Joel won. He definitely deserved it. Some of those contestants though, they really should of thought about some of the things they said before it came out of their mouths.

Saturday. What I can I say about saturday other than my heart stopped a couple of times. We had the biggest football game of the year. BYU vs. Utah. I'm sad to say we lost....bad. It started off well with Collie returning the kick 70 yards and then everything went downhill from there. I've got to hand it to Utah though. They definitely deserved to win.

6 turnovers :( my heart hurts....oh well, there's always next year.

Moving onto brighter things. I went to see Quantum of Solace with Seth that night. Whoo was that movie action packed. From beginning to end, I think there were more fighting scenes than actual dialouge. I'm not complaining. I find these movies awesome!

James Bond? Yes please!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another craft

I made another craft at the state hospital...this time for Thanksgiving!

I'm so proud of my little turkeys :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love this girl

She is seriously the best. I love this little girl probably about the same that I will ever love my own children. Reason why? She was born when I was in 8th grade and I've seen her grow. I've had so many memories with her. From the time she was a baby with acid reflux throwing up all over me to the drive up to Utah to start my freshman year of college. There is something special about watching children grow into amazing people. I have missed the last couple of years of her life because I've been in Utah going to school. I seriously cannot even begin to explain how sad it makes me to think about that, so I won't. I am so sad that I haven't been a better sister to her even with the distance. My mom tells me about how she tells all her teachers and friends about how I'm going to BYU and how she gets super excited when I come home to visit.

I had the opportunity today to talk with her during my break between work and classes. It was so great to hear her little voice on the phone. I'm amazed at how much she knows and how her personality is shown through what she says to me. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she had the cutest response. "I want 2o things. Actually more like 10 because 20 is too many." I asked her what and she said, "I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I'll think about it." She's 6 by the way. So after that she wanted to play I SPY with me. I told her I couldn't really play that since I couldn't see what she was looking at. So she decided we were going to play a guessing game. She would think about something and give me clues so I could guess what it was. Then it would be my turn. I apparently was being too easy and she kept telling me to make the things harder. The funny thing is she would actually guess what it was. She guessed everything from a traffic light, to a stop sign, to a parking lot, to a mountain, to the sun, and even a mermaid. When the mermaid came up she said, "but Monica, mermaid's don't actually exist". I thought that was the cutest thing ever. When I had to go to class I told her I would call her later and she said "ok and we can keep playing the game, and it'll be my turn".

I can't wait to have my own kids.

Redbox Mondays

I love Redbox. Especially when you get the movies for free. On Mondays, Redbox sends out a free code via text message, you can sign up for it on their website. Sometimes they even have promotions where they give you free codes for movies multiple times a week. My summer was spent watching lots of free movies :) So anyway, yesterday was one such day. Instead of going to FHE my roommate and I decided to hold our own and watch a couple of free movies from redbox. We ended up watching Baby Mama and Kung Fu Panda.

This movie is hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it's all the people from SNL that were part of this cast, I don't know but if you want to laugh, watch this.

This movie is way cute. I'm sad it took me 5 months to actually get around to watching it. I was supposed to have watched this back in June with my exboyfriend but then he went out of town and we kept putting it off. Then we broke up and I couldn't bring myself to watching it for a while. But yeah, there are so many great quotes from this movie. I love movies you can quote ;) One of my favorite lines is at the beginning, "It is said that his enemies would go blind due to over-exposure of pure awesomeness." Seriously, how great is that? Yeah I'm a dork, I've been told.

Thank you Redbox for filling my Monday evenings.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scary Realization

I had a scary realization yesterday as I met with the Psychology advisor to make a graduation plan. I'm graduating in a year and a half. Where has time gone? It seriously feels like I was still in high school yesterday and now I'm almost done with college. What am I supposed to do when I graduate? School is all I've known and the thought of no longer doing that is a little intimidating. I will need to go out into the world and hopefully contribute something to it.

I looked at myself in the mirror a couple of days ago and saw myself as the 21 year old that I am. It's seriously so strange to see myself as this adult. Thoughts kept running through my head of what my future may hold and how I was responsible for making any or all of my goals happen. It was such a scary thought. Even with only my 21 years of life experience I feel like there are so many things I've learned about myself, especially in these last couple of years I've been up at BYU.

I don't know why I like to freak myself out. Life has been good so far and I've been incredibly blessed. Sure there have been ups and downs but who doesn't experience those? Looking back on my experiences I can't say that there is anything I wish I hadn't lived. Sure I could of done without some of them at the time but those experiences, for better or worse, have made me who I am today. I only hope that I can in some way use what I've learned to help others see the positive side of life.

In the words of Elder Wirthlin's mother, "Come what may and love it!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bring on the Bling

I never thought the day would come where I would know what I wanted for an engagement ring and least of all that it would look like this.

Cross over pave engagment ring by David Yurman
I know, holy crap, look at all that diamond. I don't even know how much it is. I asked somone on the website but they told me I need to call a store because you can't order this ring online. That right there should say something about how ridiculously expensive it is. Also the fact that only two stores in Utah carry this ring, one in Salt Lake and the other in Park City. I know realistically I'll probably never have this ring but in the perfect world where I can have anything I want, I would.
So the reason why I was looking at engagement rings is not because I'm getting engaged. No worries. A friend and I were talking about how much we think an engagement ring should be. We asked a couple of people and I decided to let you know what I thought the best answer to this question was. "Depends on what she's worth to you." Of course you shouldn't spend beyond your means but you can't be super cheap about it either.
I don't know what's gotten into me lately with wanting to be a girl. I've starting buying clothes more appropriate for my gender and I professionally highlighted my hair yesterday. I've picked out a dress for my wedding, whenever that happens, and this engagment ring. I don't know why now but I've decided to embrace the fact that I'm a girl ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I don't have ADHD, I just Do you like waffles?

It's official I am now a Psychology major and the best news......apparently I can still graduate in April 2010 without having to take Spring or Summer classes. It is such a relief to finally have made the switch. School is going to be a lot easier from here on out just because I get psychology easier than I ever got all the science classes I've already taken. It'll be nice to also be able to do my master's here at BYU.
And my GPA in Psychology is above a 3.0 unlike my Exercise Science GPA which was below that. It feels so good to breath :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, maybe not the best day ever but the best day in a long while :)

Yesterday was pretty hectic. I was all over the place. I went to work, home to get my stuff for classes, then up to campus for class, then back to work to finish some stuff up, then home to finally change out of the dreaded skirt, then back up to campus to study for a test, then back home because I forgot some study material, and back up to campus to finally take my test and watching a video for a class in the library. I was on campus the latest I have been all year. So then I went back home and since we have cleaning checks today, did some cleaning. After that I was finally able to eat dinner. Now this is not why it turned out to be the best day ever, but because of little things that happened during the day in between all the crazyness.

Numero 1: I was able to have the most amazing talk with a friend. It went on for over an hour and it was great. I should of had that talk with him a long time ago. It was pretty much an answer to my prayers of the last four months. It was awesome.

Numero 2: I finally got my letter for taking the citizenship test!

Numero 3: I did fairly well on the test I took :)

These next 2-3 weeks are going to be a little insane with school but little things like these are what make everything worth it.

By the way, I can't believe October is almost over. Seriously, where is time going? I've been 21 for a month now!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The man of my dreams

Let me just preface this by saying that yesterday I went fishing for the first time ever and I've got to say that I enjoyed it. I can definitely see why people love to go out and fish. You get to relax and get away from life. Having said that, I can now explain what I mean by the title of this post.

The man of my dreams by description of the word is a hick. I blame it on being from Texas. Ok so I don't really want a hick but I do want someone who enjoys certain things a hick would. Does that make me a hick?

The following aren't necessarily in order of importance.
1. I would like him to enjoy fishing and enjoy taking me with him every now and then :)
2. I would like him to enjoy hunting. I like to go shooting and once again would like him to take me along every now and then :)
3. He would enjoy watching sports only a healthy amount. I like to watch sometimes and as long as it's not an obsession it would be nice. I can't enjoy watching sports more than he.
4. He has direction in his life. He has goals and knows what he wants.
5. He's respectful of women. You can tell how a guy will treat you by the way he treats his mom. No joke. That being said, I want him to be independent of his mother and make his own decisions.
6. I want a worthy priesthood holder who is trying to do what's right and who I can admire.

Like I said, the above list is not in any specific order but yeah, that's pretty much what I would like.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dreaming Big

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas......along with a Porsche Boxster RS 60 Spyder.
I've built my own Porsche priced at $69,235. It's actually not bad. I may one day own one of these (doubtful). Maybe when I'm filthy rich I'll buy one. Maybe. Maybe in my dreams ;)

3.4 liters, 6 cylinders
303 hp @ 6250 rpm
Exterior Color
GT Silver Metallic
Black Top

Interior Color
Carrera Red Natural Leather Interior

Park Assist System
Self-Dim Mirrors & Rain Sensor
Storage box

19" Sport Design Wheel

Adaptive Sport Seats
Oh the joys of dreaming.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I think I'm in the wrong major......

Crap!!! So I'm doing Exercise Science right....I think I messed up in choosing that major and wasted my time. crap crap! I wish I had known 2 years ago that I would do so much better in Psychology classes. crap! Oh well, it's too late to do anything about it now since I don't want to be here for another year. Or maybe it's not too late. So many decisions to make.....any help? At least psychology is my minor so I'm getting something out of it. Hmm what to do. I should maybe figure this out sometime soon since it's what I'll be doing for the rest of my life and this way I stop wasting money and time taking classes that I'm bound to fail. Ok so not fail, but do poorly in. Can someone please just tell me what to do. It would make life so much easier.

Here's my dilema.
If I stick with exercise science I'll graduate at the end of Spring 2010. If I switch to Psychology I'll graduate in December 2010 or maybe April 2011. Granted this is according to my calculations. If I go meet with an advisor they may tell me I should just resign myself to spending the rest of my life at BYU.
Another part of this dilema is funding. I'm on scholarship through the Multicultural Student office and I can only recieve so much. I could always take out another loan for my last year. But wait, I think I can receive a scholarship for 4 years and I didn't get one my freshman year from them. If that's the case then I can totally stay another year and just graduate in Spring 2011. That's 5 years at BYU though. Hmmm....if I do that though, then I pretty much just wasted this semester and the last 4 I've been here. I could also just finish out exercise science which would not give me a very good GPA and then go to graduate school for psychology. Maybe I should go talk to an advisor about this.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I love being lazy on Saturdays. My being lazy on a Saturday means no school what do I do instead of school work.....I'm a freak........I CLEAN!!!! and BAKE!!!!

I woke up today and no one was home so I stayed in bed for a while and talked to my madre and sister on the phone. Then Sam (one of my roommates) came home and we watched an episode of America's Next Top Model. She left and I was alone so what was I to do. I cleaned the kitchen and swept and mopped. Katie came home while I was in the process and the first thing she said as she walked in the door was "Monica, are you cleaning?" There was a bag of trash outside the door :) Is it sick that I'm proud of myself?

So I was done with that......what to do next.......BAKE!!! What did I make you ask? Take a looksy.

Peanut butter cookies. My first time ever!

And cheesecake. Katie's been waiting a while for me to make this.

I feel so accomplished. Well almost. My next task is to shower :)

P.S. The kitchen is still clean :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

She's the Man

Can I just say how much I love this movie! I'm a nerd but seriously, I never get tired of this movie. I can quote the whole thing with Katie and I can still watch it daily without getting bored. Yes, I'm even watching it on a Friday night. It's that good ;)

And Channing Tatum is in it. How much better can it get?

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I went running tonight for the first time in a very very long time. I've gotta say I'm quite proud of myself. It's amazing how much better you feel after a run. Too bad I tried to start again once it starts getting cold out. I've really got to plan out my activities better. Oh well, I have to start somewhere. Maybe I'll keep it up even when there's snow out and just run at the Smith Fieldhouse. I think I'll run by myself for a while. At least until I get into shape again and can keep up with people. Although having a running buddy would be nice...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm crafty....somewhat :)

Wednesday nights I volunteer at the Utah State Hospital. We have different activities we do with the patients. Crafts, games,'s fun. Tonight's craft I'm especially proud of. I know I'm a dork, but you have to understand that I'm not crafty at all.

Isn't it awesome? I think so :)

It's my one and only Halloween decoration.

Lots of random thoughts

I've never been big into writing things down. I've never been good at keeping a journal (oops). So I figured I should start somewhere and a blog it is. I have lots of time at work to be able to keep one updated too. I don't know if it'll be interesting at all but we'll see how it goes, or if anyone will even read it.

Lately I've had lots of random thoughts in my head and maybe I should put them down somewhere. I'll try to make sense of them as best I can. Sorry if it turns out to be a long first blog.

Thought #1
School. Where do I even begin in talking about school. Right now I'm stuck in a bad place. The "I have no motivation for it" place. I know. It will be my downfall. If anyone has any ideas on how I can get my motivation to try back, please let me know.

Thought #2
I've got to be more social. I've kind of given up on meeting new people. I figure I already have friends, why put the effort to make more. I'm a horrible person I know. I guess it's just that I already have a pretty good bunch of friends and I don't really feel like getting to know more people just yet. Maybe I should start working on that pretty soon cause I'm going to start running out of friends to hang out with since everyone is getting married. Congrats by the way to all those of you who just got married or are engaged :)

Thought #3
This one might be a little more confusing. I've been trying to find a purpose to my life. I've been looking for answers from Heavenly Father as far as what it is he wants me to do. Some of you may know that earlier this year I had decided to serve a mission. Life changed somewhat over the summer and I abandoned that decision. Dumb? Yes. I can't even begin to tell you how angry I've been at myself for having let go of that decision when I knew it was so right. It's taken me a while but I've started to fix things in my life to hopefully get me back onto the right track. Most important lesson I learned from this is that while people will let you down, Heavenly Father never will. That is why we must do our best to not let Him down. I am so thankful for the atonement and that we are given second chances in life.