Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Redbox Mondays

I love Redbox. Especially when you get the movies for free. On Mondays, Redbox sends out a free code via text message, you can sign up for it on their website. Sometimes they even have promotions where they give you free codes for movies multiple times a week. My summer was spent watching lots of free movies :) So anyway, yesterday was one such day. Instead of going to FHE my roommate and I decided to hold our own and watch a couple of free movies from redbox. We ended up watching Baby Mama and Kung Fu Panda.

This movie is hilarious. I seriously couldn't stop laughing. Maybe it's all the people from SNL that were part of this cast, I don't know but if you want to laugh, watch this.

This movie is way cute. I'm sad it took me 5 months to actually get around to watching it. I was supposed to have watched this back in June with my exboyfriend but then he went out of town and we kept putting it off. Then we broke up and I couldn't bring myself to watching it for a while. But yeah, there are so many great quotes from this movie. I love movies you can quote ;) One of my favorite lines is at the beginning, "It is said that his enemies would go blind due to over-exposure of pure awesomeness." Seriously, how great is that? Yeah I'm a dork, I've been told.

Thank you Redbox for filling my Monday evenings.

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