Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scary Realization

I had a scary realization yesterday as I met with the Psychology advisor to make a graduation plan. I'm graduating in a year and a half. Where has time gone? It seriously feels like I was still in high school yesterday and now I'm almost done with college. What am I supposed to do when I graduate? School is all I've known and the thought of no longer doing that is a little intimidating. I will need to go out into the world and hopefully contribute something to it.

I looked at myself in the mirror a couple of days ago and saw myself as the 21 year old that I am. It's seriously so strange to see myself as this adult. Thoughts kept running through my head of what my future may hold and how I was responsible for making any or all of my goals happen. It was such a scary thought. Even with only my 21 years of life experience I feel like there are so many things I've learned about myself, especially in these last couple of years I've been up at BYU.

I don't know why I like to freak myself out. Life has been good so far and I've been incredibly blessed. Sure there have been ups and downs but who doesn't experience those? Looking back on my experiences I can't say that there is anything I wish I hadn't lived. Sure I could of done without some of them at the time but those experiences, for better or worse, have made me who I am today. I only hope that I can in some way use what I've learned to help others see the positive side of life.

In the words of Elder Wirthlin's mother, "Come what may and love it!"

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