Monday, December 8, 2008

The end of classes

People these days are stressing about finals. I'm not. Maybe something is wrong with this picture. Hmmm.... oh well, not really too worried about it :)

Can I just say that life is beautiful? It really is! When you take time to look at the little things around you you realize just how true that is.

I was feeling quite festive today. It finally started snowing in Happy Valley. We've had a snow drought and it's about time it snowed. Can't really believe I'm saying that but yes, I enjoyed today's snow. I was driving to campus in the snow, with my coat, scarf, gloves, the works and a Christmas song came on the radio. I felt like I was in a movie.

It's the last week of classes. Not even a full week really. Just three more days! I've decided to finish out the week strong! Going to every single class, even the dreaded and given up on Chemistry. I still have two more Psychology of Gender assignments. A paper for Abnormal Psychology, a test for Abnormal Psych, a test for Chemistry, and a quiz for Sports Nutrition (I think that's it) before finals start but who's stressed. Not me! (and I'm serious, I'm really not)
And that's not all going on this week. I've got my Naturalization test this Thursday, along with that day's classes, and Angela's bridal shower that night. That will be my second bridal shower within a week. And of course, my America Party Saturday night to celebrate me finally becoming an American citizen.

Once classes are over I will work full time from 8-5 getting 9 hours of work and hopefully take the majority of my exams by Wednesday night before Paloma comes to visit. I want to have enough free time to be able to show her around Utah. It'll be her first time up here and I would feel really bad if I didn't make time to do something with her.

And best of all once classes are over is the move. I get to move to a new apartment and I'm so excited! and I have the best friends. I've already gotten two offers to help me move :)

And then HOME!!! heck yes you can bet plans are being made :)


angie said...

oh my gosh i had the same "christmas movie" feeling today too! i started humming a christmas song on my way out of class with my fuzzy warm jacket and cozy gloves and the snow started falling! it was truly beautiful! i'm glad you're not stressing about finals, i feel wayyy over my head with all this..

Monica said...

i would say you feel way over your head because you're planning a wedding! :)and it's completely understandable that you do. but like your blog said, only 19 more days! let me know if you need anything!