Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving break

For Thanksgiving break last week I went to California for the first time ever! Meagan was kind enough to let me tag along and spend Thanksgiving with her family since it's too expensive to fly out to Texas.

We left on Wednesday morning and got to Rancho Cucamonga around 6:30pm. It was raining from St. George all the way to Cali and there was traffic in Vegas so it took longer than expected. We started our vacation by going to bed at 8 that night. Pathetic I know, but we just ended up passing out on the bed. On Thanksgiving day we took a tour of Rancho and stopped in at Bass Pro Shops. Meagan had never been in one so we had to remedy that. Then we had dinner, took a nap, and went to watch Four Christmases. Can't say that movie was my favorite. It was alright. Then we were planning on going shopping at the outlet stores at midnight but ended up falling asleep again. Needless to say we got lots of sleep during the break. On Friday we went to the mall in the morning, I didn't buy anything! but I did take some pictures :)
Then Friday night we drove down to Newport beach. It was my first time seeing the Pacific ocean. I liked that it was too cold to get in the water because honestly I'm afraid of the ocean. It was nice to sit on the beach and look out into it though. We also got a pazoookie. It was so good.
And I ate at In N Out for the first time ever. I liked it.
Saturday we decided to start the drive back so we would have to do it all on Sunday. We stopped in Vegas and went to the temple! It's so beautiful, but then I guess most temples are. No, we didn't visit the strip. Yes, we're weird.
So we spent that night in St. George and then stopped by the St. George temple on Sunday morning. Once again, absolutley beautiful!
Then it was back to the real world and Provo. I did not want to come back. Only 3 weeks till I get to be home in Texas. I haven't seen my family in 6 months. I'm excited.

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