Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I have a horrible memory and it doesn't help that I don't update this blog as much as I should since I don't keep a journal. One of my new year's resolutions is to be better at documenting what happens and updating this thing.

I can't believe how fast this year flew by and that I'm down to my last 4 months of college. This next decade holds many changes for me, or at least I hope so. Marriage is definitely at the top. I just have to find the man now.

Here's to a better year!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today was Nicole's,who is now affectionately known as Grandma Pants, birthday . She turned 22 and gave herself the new name. Don't mind that I've been 22 for 3 months, which by her standards, would make me a great grandma.

But anyway, finals are over and for some reason I still found myself quite busy today.

I started the day by waking up at 8 and going to work until 5. Then I came home and laid on the ground until Katie came to pick me up to go to a wedding reception, (which is a completely different story all on it's on).

After the wedding reception, we went straight to Red Robin to celebrate Nicole and Jason's birthdays. We then came back to our apartment and had a ton of people over. Our apartment has never known such love.

I still had to pack but I decided I would feel like too much of a loser if I just went back into my room with so many people over, so I sat and somewhat socialized.

It is now after midnight and I'm still packing. I started to pack but then realized I needed a bigger suitcase so I had to dig that out of our storage closet. I have to leave for the airport in 4:45 hours.

I may not be sleeping tonight.

Crap, I was also supposed to make pumpkin cookies.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm done with all my finals (as of 3 PM yesterday)!
It feels like the weekend, minus me being at work, and tonight I'm getting ready to go back home to Texas for 2 1/2 weeks!
65 degree weather?!! It's even getting ready to welcome me back! Dear sweet Texas, thank you for loving me and understanding me :)

I look forward to our reunion and our 55 degree Christmas together.

Monday, December 14, 2009

So proud of myself

I'm so proud of myself. I was on campus from 10am to 7pm today and managed to take 3 finals. Longest day of my life but I'm glad I got them out of the way.

Now moving onto tomorrow and my last 2 finals.

Friday, December 11, 2009

To do list

  • leave work
  • go shopping for a bachelorette party
  • attend said bachelorette party

  • Humanities review session
  • sell back books
  • Psych Testing study group
  • study for other tests

  • Relief Society meeting
  • church
  • fireside

  • study for Humanities test
  • take Humanities final
  • take Psych Testing final
  • take SFL 290 final

  • study for Psych 302 test
  • study for History of Psych test
  • take 302 final
  • take History of Psych final
  • turn in EEG study report

  • sell back books
  • PLAY!!!!

  • wake up bright and early
  • fly out of frozen wasteland Utah

28 days

Have you ever seen the movie 28 Days? Sandra Bullock plays an alcoholic who goes to rehab. When someone gets released from the center they are told they are not allowed to be in a relationship until they've managed to keep a pet and a plant alive.

Now I'm not an addict of anything by any means (maybe except for junk food, call me a fatty) but I fear I may not be allowed to be in a relationship. You see, I haven't managed to keep both a pet and a plant alive.

No I haven't killed an animal. I'm taking care of Andrea's fish, Spike, and I'm able to keep him alive quite easily, granted it's a fish, but some people have a problem with even that.

My area of difficulty comes in plants. Every year I get a Poinsettia for Christmas to put in my office, and every year it dies far earlier than anyone else's.

It was so pretty and pink too. I've watered it. Hopefully it comes back to life!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Done deal

It's a done deal.
I applied for April graduation today. The girl looked at me and asked me if I realized that I need 120 credits to graduate. Yes this I know. 16 this semester, 18 next, and 3 in an independent study course which will be done in January and I will have just 120 credits.
Four years at BYU.
It went fast and I'm scared.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's December

It's December, the 6th to be exact. I woke up this morning to my roommate yelling that it was snowing. Her's was a happy yell while mine was not. I let out a shrieking noooooooo.

I don't understand why people like snow. It creates a big mess. You track snow and salt in everywhere. It was all over our apartment and it also gets into your car. Then when it doesn't get plowed, which none of it was today, it gets caked down and freezes into ice overnight. That's not fun to walk in to school.

I keep telling myself that it's my last winter in Utah. I can do it for one more Winter. Come April I'm back in Texas and won't have to worry about scraping my car in the mornings or making sure I still have a face and all fingers after walking around outside.

For those of you that didn't know, I'm applying for graduation tomorrow. I've got one more semester with 18 credits while working 20 hours a week and being the Relief Society Secretary before I call it good.

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it........

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New calling

My bishop called me on Wednesday and told me he wanted to meet with me this Sunday. I got really scared because I didn't know why, and then it hit me....our Relief Society Presidency was being reorganized because our president is getting married. This got me really scared.

So this morning I head over before church to meet with him and he starts with, "So as you probably already know the Relief Society is being reorganized" and my heart started pounding really fast.

It's OK though, I only got called as Relief Society Secretary. Doesn't have quite as scary a title.

Man will this be a growing experience for me. I'll actually have to participate in church and talk to people. I think the Lord knows what's he's doing's when he calls people to different positions. He wants me to grow.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Go Mighty Cougars!

I attended my last BYU football game as a student and was able to see my Cougars defeat the Utes in overtime! We had 4th row seats where we could smell the sweat. I was frozen by the time it was over but I'm glad I stayed through the whole game. I'm pretty sure this was the longest game of my life, just over 4 hours but it was a good game to end my life as a student on.

Go Cougs!
Rawr, rawr, rawr!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

and she's off

I took Sister Kiewra to the MTC today. It's not a complete goodbye for me yet though. I still get to see her for the next 9 weeks, which I'm thankful for. It's weird having her go off on a mission. She's going to do a great job and I'm so looking forward to her coming back.
May 2011, I'm looking forward to you.

Little side note: this is the first (even though I've worked here for over 2 years) and probably only time I'll take a picture with this sign.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pirate Island

I went to Pirate Island Pizza in Orem on Friday night for a friend's birthday. I was a little excited because I was under the impression that it was along the lines of a Chuck-e-Cheese. Don't be mistaken, it's not.

All the workers are dressed up as pirates and they speak to you in pirate but that's about it.

Their food was gross. I'd much rather have a $5 Little Caesars. I reheated my left over pizza the other day and it made my apartment smell like vomit. I'm not exaggerating.

So save yourself the trip, it wasn't really worth it.

They do however have a freakin huge pizza called The Krakken. It's cool to see but I don't know if it tasted better than the one I got.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I feel retarded

I'm supposed to be reading

I don't understand it at all. Too many big words in one long sentence. I feel so retarded and it doesn't help that I have to take a test over this tomorrow. FML.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I should be studying for an exam I have to take by tomorrow night, or for the one I need to take this weekend, or for the one I have at the beginning of next week, but instead I'm here, blogging about nothing in particular.

I've been sick this week *cough* *cough* and haven't really felt like doing much. I did go to work today, first time all week, and left at 4 because I started feeling sick again. Depending on how I wake up tomorrow I may have to postpone my test until later. The testing center doesn't want sick people contaminating everyone else.

So instead of studying, I will show you what I was for Halloween.

I was Jasmine and since I don't have a significant other to be my prince, Winnie the Pooh was my Raja. Adorable, I know.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last time

I just registered for my last semester of classes. It's weird.

I forgot to do it at midnight so I did it this morning and 2 of the classes I wanted were full so I had to do a little rearranging. I'm taking Child Psychopathology, Personality, Intro to Social Psychology, Writing in the Social Sciences, and Humanities 202. I have an interview tomorrow for an internship so hopefully I'll also be taking my capstone class.

And Viola! I am done. I still have to take the final for my Sports Psychology independent study class but I'll study for that over Christmas break and take it first thing back.

I have to apply for graduation by November 15! Oh my goodness.........

Friday, October 23, 2009

EEG study

My Psych 304 professor offers extra credit for participating in research studies. So today I volunteered to wear one of these beautiful little caps
for an hour and a half and have salt water poured on my head while I stared at a computer screen and pushed buttons as arrows flashed on the screen.
Oh ya. It was exciting. I get extra credit!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have a friend in the MTC, Sister Ricks,
who stops by my office every so often with her companion or other sisters in her district.
On multiple occasions I've been told by her companions that I'm the cutest ever and how much they love me. I'm attributing this to them being sister missionaries and that's just how they are but none the less it's nice to hear.

Today, Sister Hartvigsen, on one such visit, told me that she and Sister Beesley (one of the other sisters in the district) had been talking about me earlier (I guess they were really bored) and they decided that all the boys must love me. So she asked me whether they did. I looked at her in puzzlement and answered no. She responded with an "oh you don't realize it".

So this got me thinking. Really? Am I that oblivious? Here I am thinking it's perfectly normal that I'm not dating someone but yet people (sister missionaries aren't the only ones that have told me this) think it's shocking when they find out that I don't have a line of boys outside my apartment every night. Apparently I need to work on this. Problem is, I don't know how.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And I'm back

in the District President's office at the MTC. Not forever though. Just for today, so it's bearable.

I've worked in this office the past two summers but it's still so weird every time I come back in. I have certain specific memories that I can't help but think about and reminisce. All those long nights during the summer when I could have been home playing, counting down the hours until 7 pm came around. Getting dinner from one of the district presidents. A boy calling me everyday on his way home from work. Having to send security out to look for a missionary I couldn't find. Or just sitting and chatting (not flirting despite what some people think) with an Elder while he was waiting for his companion. Oh the District President's office.

We've got another 1.5 hours together.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall colors

I never knew what Fall was until I came to Utah. Texas sure doesn't believe in seasons. And boy will I miss the colors when I leave this state (who knows when that will be).

I went on a hike today with Amber and Nicole on the Bonneville Shoreline trail. It's not that impressive until you round the mountain and get into the canyon. The change is shocking right?It was a really easy hike, more like a walk really, but I really enjoyed it. I think it has something to do with me being an old woman. Just a thought.

And now I must write a paper but do I want to. Nope. Will I put it off longer even though it's due on Monday? Probably.
*sigh* I'm such a slacker.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let the good times roll

I've had my blog for a year. Congratulations to me.
I've been slacking on blogging though and didn't post about Vegas or my birthday. tsk tsk I'm ashamed of myself.
The following is my sorry attempt at vindicating myself.
While in Vegas we met President Obama
and had a fancy dinner at Sensi in the Bellagio
Birthday picture outside of Chili's
That's all you get on those 2 events.

Update on my apartment dealio. They didn't ever email me back so yesterday I emailed them again. They're installing cable and said I can deduct the price from my rent until it's installed.

I feel bad but people have to live up to their promises and in this case, contracts.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I will not be screwed over

When I moved into my new apartment I was told that I would have cable and that it should be set up by September 1. October rolls around and I finally get around to buying a cable cord to hook up the TV to the wall. Turn it on and still no cable.

I get on my computer and write an email to my landlord.
I was told that we were supposed to have cable service no later than September 1. We still don't. I don't know if there is something wrong with the wiring or if I was misinformed (This was just included as a courtesy because I was told I would have it. I'm just trying to be nice here). Thanks,Monica Gonzalez

So then I get a response back that says
The HOA is meeting this week to see if they will add it but no, the unit does not come with cable.
Thank you,
(name of person)

Aspen Ridge Management

OH NO YOU DIDN' this was my response back
My contract indicates otherwise. The following is straight from the contract which both I and the landlord or agent signed. 4. UTILITIES: The student will be responsible for the utilities indicated: [X]gas [X]electricity [ ]water [ ] garbage [ ] sewer [X] telephone [ ] internet [ ] cable which will require the student to place the utilities in his/her name or the student will be billed seperately by the landlord. Unless a box is checked it is presumed that the utilities are included in the rent.
The cable box was not checked so my contract indicates that it does. Monica

I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Either they give me cable or lower my rent. It's not that I love TV so much, it's the principle of the idea. If it's in the contract you give it to me or there's no reason I should uphold my end of the contract. It's a two-way street buddy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Snow in September is not ok. Timp is covered, that's fine, it's a mountain, but when you start getting flurries hit your windshield while driving, the line has been crossed. What happened to Fall? Last I knew, Fall doesn't consist of snow. I had to pull my nylons out of retirement today and start wearing them to work again (yes I'm a horrible employee for not wearing them during the summer even though I'm supposed to, but that's besides the point).

I am thankful however that my birthday was a nice warm day and that this weather waited 2 days to come. So thank you weather.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

kidney stones

I had kidney stones for the first time in my life freshman year at the start of finals week. Fun I know. I took my first ever college final while high on OxyCodone. The pain killers didn't really help but I got a blessing and viola, kidney stone and pain gone.

Fast forward to this past Thursday night. Everything is fine and dandy. I go to the choir concert on campus with Emily, come home and go to bed. Around 9 I started having cramps. I knew it wasn't that time of month so I went to bed. At 11 I wake up with extreme pain. My roommates decide I must go to the hospital even though I didn't really want to because I would feel stupid. So we get to the hospital around 11:30. Check in and wait in the lobby (where I throw up some) until 12:10 for them to finally take me into the back. Nurse comes, talks to me, doctor comes, talks to me, asks if I want pain killers. Um yes please! Around 1 the pain has gotten so intense I would like them to rip out my insides. They decided to give me morphine instead. Then I got a cat scan. They couldn't see anything besides an ovarian cyst (um no biggie?) but gave me another shot of morphine and sent me home along with a perscription for Percocet.

Friday I email all my teachers, tell them I'm dying (JK). I still go up to campus to take a test and turn in a paper. I get super dizzy cause there is still morphine in my system. Needless to say I slept lots yesterday. Around 5 pm the pain starts to come back at which point I take 1 Percocet instead of the 2 they said. Boy am I glad cause that 1 kicked in fast totally knocked me silly. I forgot I had set up an appointment with my visiting teachers at 5:30. I'm pretty sure I freaked them out. Around 6:30 Chuck and Matt came over to give me a blessing, I know I freaked them out. Then I slept pretty much until this morning. Now there is no pain, no nothing. Seriously priesthood blessings are the best. I need to have those boys on speed dial the rest of my life, or really any boy worthy to use his priesthood.

Kidney stones hurt but I guess I might as well get used to them seeing how I'll probably have a few more in my lifetime. I checked out WebMD and it said that once you have them they're likely to recur. At least this way I'll be ready for childbirth!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little social experiment

So today I conducted a social experiment (it wasn't planned) but it turned out to be an eye opener.

I was headed to class in the MARB and for some reason ended up going against the flow of traffic so I decided to wait. Mind you I was holding the door open the entire time waiting for everyone to come out. This is where the experiment began. I stood by that door for a good 6 minutes while hundreds of kids filed past me on their way out of the building. Out of these hundreds can you guess how many acknowledged my presence by thanking me for holding the door open?

Go ahead.....guess.






Did you make your guess?

21 people. 21 people out of hundreds!

People fail. Where are your manners?

I must admit this made me realize I'm not always the nicest either. So what I learned from this is that I have to make a conscious effort to notice when others do nice things for me and THANK them for it.

Seriously, how much better would the world be if we were all just a little bit nicer to each other.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Monson BYU Devotional

I don't usually go to devotionals because I head to work straight after class. Today, however, since the Prophet was the speaker, I decided I could go to work late. I'm so glad I actually watched this devotional. For those of you who didn't get the chance, here is a recap of what President Monson talked about. Keep in mind these are my notes of what he said.

In our lives we have extreme difficulties but at the same time exceptional opportunities.
I love this because sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in everything that isn't going right or dwell on how bad things seem. We just have to look around us and see what great opportunities come our way, even from those difficulties. There is always a lesson to learn and a way to improve.

He then went on to talk about all the Prophets of his lifetime and lessons we can learn from each of the past Prophets. He gave us the Prophet's favorite hymn (FH), quote (Q), and guiding principle (GP), which I will now pass on to you.

Heber J. Grant
FH-Do What Is Right, let the consequence follow
GP- Persistence: Persist in things which are good and noble.

George Albert Smith
FH- Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words
Q- Stay softly and safely on the Lord's side.
GP- Compassion: Have compassion in your heart.

David O. McKay
FH- Oh Say, What Is Truth?
Q- True Christianity is love in action.
GP- Consideration: May we always be considerate.
*fun fact* President McKay extended the call of apostleship to President Monson.

Joseph Fielding Smith
FH- Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire, uttered or unexpressed
Q- Wickedness never was happiness.
GP- Gospel scholarship: Be studious.

Harold B. Lee
FH- Praise To The Man
Q- Stand ye in holy places and be not moved.
GP- Be in tune to the guidance of the holy spirit.

Spencer W. Kimball
FH- I Need Thee Every Hour
Q- Lengthen your stride.
GP- Dedication

Ezra Taft Benson
FH- How Great Thou Art
Q- What manner of men are ye to be? Verily, I say unto you even as I am.
GP- Love: Let us love one another.

Howard W. Hunter
FH- Have I Done Any Good?
Q- Let another man praise thee and not thine own lips. (modesty)
GP- Look for the best in people.

Gordon B. Hinckley
FH- God of Our Fathers, Known of Old
Q- And now after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!
GP- Do your best!

What can we learn from these Prophets?
We can learn they never wavered, never faltered, never failed. They were men of God.

May we be dedicated to the gospel. We must realize that we have influence for good in the lives of others.

I highly recommend that you look up this devotional and read it. He gave stories for each of the Prophets that I'm not including in this. They were hilarious.

President Monson is awesome. I'm so happy we have a living prophet to guide us and the opportunity I have to be at BYU.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

People are lovely

Tonight I was called a lesbian and a bit** by our waiter at Joe Veras.

Lesbian because I "wouldn't" let a guy pay for my dinner.
1. It wasn't a date. We were out for Katie's birthday and it happened to be 2 guys and 2 girls.
2. He didn't offer to pay for me.

Bit** because I left a "crappy" tip.
1. It was 15% percent.
2. You weren't that great and I don't owe you any favors.

How do I know he said this about me? Our waiter was Katie's ex-boyfriend's best friend. Our waiter (I'm not saying names) told Katie's ex-boyfriend who then felt the need to text Katie and tell her. And I quote "Just thought you'd like to know :)"
Yes there was even a smiley face attached to it.

How was your night?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My baby is all grown up

My baby is all grown up and going to college. This past weekend my mom and Andrea came up to Provo. On Monday we woke up bright and early to head up to Idaho.

Andrea is now a college freshman and living on her own in Rexburg, which sucks by the way. There is absolutely nothing to do there. Good luck to her! She's just starting out and I'm finishing off.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

There isn't a good title for this

So as I was coming into work today I saw something weird. I was standing on the corner of 900 E and Temple View Dr. waiting to cross the street into the MTC. A car, with 2 men, drove by in front of the MTC, pulled out a rainbow flag, and started honking like crazy as it drove away. Um really? You think pulling that out in front of the MTC is a good idea? What was the point? I laughed a little bit. I guess people get bored sometimes.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Another school year begins tomorrow. I'm dreading it and looking forward to it at the same time. Is this possible? It's the beginning of my lasts at BYU. Tomorrow marks the beginning of my last fall semester. It's also the first time I've had morning classes since my first semester of freshman year. I'm looking forward to being done, but at the same time can't believe I've gotten to this point already. Hopefully classes turn out well. I'm still working on finalizing my schedule. This probably sounds like rambling and I kind of am. I'm tired but I don't think I can go lay down yet. I'm too nervous for tomorrow. I know I'm a nerd.

In other news, I cut my hair! It's the shortest it's been in years. I would post a picture but frankly I'm too lazy so if you want to see, you'll have to do it in person.

Let's see. The summer is over. I don't know where it went. I still haven't finished my independent study class. I'm a slacker. I only have the final left but I'm freaking myself out. I only have one shot to take it and if I don't pass the final I don't pass the class. I freak out on tests. I know I just need to get it done.

I think this has been random enough for one night. Let's hope I have interesting stories to post about this semester.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm free!!!

Well relatively free. I don't have to work until 7 anymore. As a matter of fact I get to leave here shortly. I don't know what I'll do with all these extra hours in the day though. My friends are out of town and I don't want to go home to sit on my couch. I blame all of you for leaving me alone. Just kidding.

People start coming back tomorrow so I'll have plenty of things to do then, hopefully. I want to party (because that's so like me) as much as I can before school starts on Monday. Death. I'm not looking forward to that.

Tribute to Meagan: I'm taking LDS temples on Wednesday night from Cowan. I blame you if I don't like the class. (doubtful)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving......yet again

Why do I do this to myself? Ever since April 2008 I have moved into a new apartment every 4 months. This has got to stop!

I started packing again last night. It saddens me that my apartment looks naked. There are boxes everywhere, stuff all over the place. I don't like it. I've accumulated more things since moving into this last apartment and it won't all fit into my car anymore. This presents a new problem....find somewhere to put half my crap until I'm no longer homeless....agh.

A new place will be fun though. New people, new ward, new atmosphere, and I'll be living with Nicole and Emily!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sundance Full Moon Lift Ride

Friday night

8:45PM-Drive to Sundance
9:00PM-Purchase tickets
9:05PM-Get on the lift
9:06PM-10:00PM-Enjoy the ride

We didn't take our cameras and Katie wondered how we would remember our outing. My answer "I'll blog about it". Still, not having pictures doesn't do it justice.

I'd never been on a lift. I happen to like the ground and heights not so much. Katie was more scared than me however and it probably didn't help that we went with Jacqueline and Jordan who thought it was funny to rock the lift and not have the bar in front of us. We did survive however and it was actually enjoyable. I wish I had a camera that could capture the scenary the way my eyes saw it. The mountains look awesome in the moonlight, the trees below us not so much. I half expected something to grab my dangling legs and pull me out of the chair. Maybe that's the reason I don't watch scary movies too often, because then I like to freak myself out.

So anyway, it was nice. Cold, but nice.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Congratulations Sister Kiwi!

I mean...Sister Kiewra. Andrea calls her Kiwi which is kinda cute don't you think.

So my roommate, Jacqueline, decided she was going on a mission a couple of months ago and she got her mission call yesterday! My guess was that she was going to go some place in Europe. Boy was I the anticipation killing you yet?

She's going to CALIFORNIA SAN FERNANDO......wait for the best part.........SPANISH SPEAKING! When she told me (she opened it alone with only her family) I flipped! I'm so excited for her and excited for me in that I will have another Spanish buddy!

She's got kind of a long wait, she reports November 11 and she'll be in the MTC over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, but then won't have a winter for the other 16 months of her mission. She'll be so close I'll be tempted to drive out to California every now and then and maybe "casually" run into her.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The end is here

The end of July that is.

I'm not going to lie, it's a little weird that July is over. We've got 1 month until the start of classes. My vacation is coming to an end and I'm kind of dreading it. This is my last year though, so it'll be good (or at least I hope it's good).

This summer just flew past. I got a call last night from my friend Matt who just got back from his mission. That was strange. It's been 2 years and while it feels like it went by so fast, I look back and realize there was so much that happened in the last two years.
  • I went from being a freshman at BYU to getting ready to start my senior year.
  • I started (and am still at) my job at the MTC.
  • I had my first boyfriend (and 2nd).
  • I contemplated a mission.
  • I contemplated marriage.
  • I changed majors 3 times (I'm done changing by the way).
  • I've seen girl friends go off into the MTC and others go off and get married.

Lots has changed but at the same time not much has changed. So bring on the next 2 years! I don't know what I'll be doing the year after I graduate but that's the beauty of it. I can do whatever I want and hopefully that's in line with what the Lord would have me do :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Great news!

I got the best news yesterday!

I'll be able to finish my last year of school!!!! I got a scholarship.

I checked the mail yesterday and found a letter from the multicultural student office. I thought, "Oh great, they're just telling me I didn't get anything." When I opened it however and saw the "congratulations" I just about cried. I can't believe how incredibly blessed I am to have received a scholarship again.

Heavenly Father loves me :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last night we had Jacqueline's birthday bash bbq and honestly I was a little worried people might not come but it turned out great! We had a good turn out and I think people enjoyed themselves.
Since 3 girls planned it and we're not very good with a grill, Jordan was nice enough to show up early and help us get it started. Then he so humbly dubbed himself the "grill master" and ended up manning the grill all night and making all the food.
Ben and Davis showed up before everyone so they helped me blow up balloons and get the decorations going. They even brought Jacqueline an inflatable pool walrus.
Andrea and Laci did an awesome job filling up water balloons and everyone else had a blast throwing them around.
Caleb got the pinata all set up, Trent manned it, Kyle provided us with a bat, Jacqueline got to take out her frustrations on it, and the rest of us got candy! :)
Last night was our most successful and actual party planned to date.
*Thanks to Andrea and her mad picture taking skills*

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm a slacker

I've been slacking on this updating thing. Oh well...

Time to recap on some of my adventures.

Over the 4th of July weekend I went tubing down the Provo river! It was so much fun! The water was freakin freezing but with the sun out and once your bum went numb you didn't feel it anymore. I almost drown. I know your probably thinking, "How can you drown in 2 feet deep water?" I'll tell you how. When you're fun sized like me any amount of water is dangerous! I got knocked off the tube under a bridge where the current was fast and then I couldn't stand up cause the rocks at the bottom were so slippery. So I held my breath and let the water carry me until it calmed down so I could finally stand up again. I got some pretty awesome battle wounds. My legs were so bruised and a rock stabbed me in the leg (it was weird). It was funny cause I had a hole in my leg but didn't bleed while I was in the water (my body was so cold there was no circulation).

The next weekend on July 11th, Andrea and I took a shopping trip out to Park City. We went to the Outlets and bought a birthday present for my dad. I also got a watch from Fossil. It's pretty dang cool.

This past weekend Laci, Jacqueline and I went to Zion National Park. We woke up at 4 am on Saturday and made the 4 hour drive down. We hiked Observation Point, which is killer, especially in 110 degree heat and for someone so out of shape like me. It's 8 miles long and took us 5 hours. We reached an elevation of 6508 feet at the top. It was a pretty cool view had it not been so freaking hot. If you are insane enough to want to do this hike here are a few pointers.
  • Don't do it in the middle of the day when the sun is blasting on you.
  • Take loads of water (4 water bottles is not enough)
  • Take your time and enjoy the views as you go.
  • Wear awesome shoes.

At least now I can say I've done the hike but I will never do it again. Never! My body is definitely feeling it. It hurts to walk. I feel ancient.

This weekend I hope to have more adventures. I want to go camping Thursday night. There's a rodeo on Friday in Spanish Fork and then I'm going to the Secondhand Serenade concert on Saturday. Oh and we're also having a birthday BBQ for Jacqueline tomorrow night.

Summer is awesome!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Life sucks, then you die

Ok so it doesn't really suck. Sometimes it's just less pleasant than other days. Like today for example.

I may not be going back to school this fall :(
Worst part is one thing leads to another and I'll no longer be staying in Utah.

I didn't get a scholarship and I don't know if I'll be able to get a Federal Stafford Loan. If this doesn't happen, I won't be able to pay for tuition. If I can't pay for tuition I can't take classes. If I can't take classes I can't keep my job at the MTC. If I can't keep my job I'll have to find a new one. If I can't find a new one with the way the economy is I'll have to leave Utah.

Let's hope I can get a loan. I think I'm going to cry.

I have no one to blame but myself.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm gone to Texas for a week! I can't guarantee I'll post anything while I'm gone. Actually I'm pretty sure I won't post anything about it until after I get back.

Peace out Provo!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I've got a new computer

or at least I will have a new computer next month. I just ordered a new Studio 15 computer from Dell!!!! It's about time I got around to it. My old one has been dead since Christmas break.
I got a super awesome deal! I'm so proud of myself.It was orginally priced at $968.
Dell EPP Members saved $269. (I don't know what an EPP Member is but apparently I'm one.)
3% off for paying with a Dell Preferred Account so that was $20.97
and another 7% off for working at the MTC that was $47.46
free shipping and handling saved $29.
Savings of $366.43!
Grand total came out to $673.14 including tax!
Best part....interest free for 9 months :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Secondhand Serenade

Secondhand Serenade concert July 25 at Thanksgiving Point. Who will be there? Yours truly!

I say, let's make it a party! It's only $17 if you buy in advance and $20 the day of.

I'm super duper excited! :)

I was right

I was right in expecting 17 Again to be a funny movie. I went to watch it with some friends on Monday night since it's only 50 cents at the Dollar theatre that night and it was hilarious! Who knew Zac Efron was so funny. I will admit that I kind of sort of became a fan. I will never watch High School Musical but anything else he does might be a temptation. Not to mention that he actually looked good in this movie.

Admit it! He looks good.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was pregnant

Good thing I know better :)

Lately, I've had this uncontrolable need to eat. Last night I went to Guru's for dinner. I had their chicken tacos and I ate it ALL....chips and everything. THAT'S NEVER HAPPENED. Today for lunch I went to Red Robin. (Ignore that I had two, almost consecutive, meals at a restaurant. I don't usually eat out this often) I had their BLTA Croissant. And yes you guessed it, once again, I ate it ALL....bottomless fries even. Now you may wonder how someone eats all of a bottomless something, but if you were to eat out with me you would see for yourself how such a thing could occur.

So I started I pregnant? Silly me. One can't be pregnant when one has never engaged in the act that brings about babies. (If you don't know which act I speak of, ask your parents).

So what then is causing me to eat so much?

I have only one conclusion.

I'm a fat kid.

But it's ok because in the words of Mika, BIG GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I finally won!!!!

I finally won something from

Pretty much since finding out about them through the Daily Universe, I've been entering every contest they've had for the last few months.

Want to know what I won? This handy dandy armpod!
I'm giving it to my dad for Father's Day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pretty sweet

Most of you have heard me complain about my job and how I hate working until 7 every night but the truth is that I have a pretty sweet set up here. I love being able to work in the District President's office. I love being able to talk to missionaries and I love working with the District Presidents. They are awesome men.

Tonight President Olsen and I are the only ones left to close up shop. Usually when they go to dinner they'll ask me if I want anything and I always say I'm good. Well tonight he went to the cafeteria and came back with dinner for me! How nice is that? I'm so lucky I get to work at the MTC with good, wholesome, caring people.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day weekend

was blissful....just blissful.
The weekend started off with camping up American Fork Canyon on Friday night. It was so awesome to go up there with just Emily, Meagan, and Jacqueline. We are so awesome because we don't need boys. We set up our own tent and campfire.Saturday we awoke, had breakfast by the river, and then hiked up to Timp Cave. We didn't actually go in cause it's kind of expensive. So we trekked up 1.5 miles and then back down just for the heck of it. We then had a picnic with our leftover food before heading back into civilization. Jacqueline and I decided after being boys and getting gross while camping we wanted to be girls again so we got dressed up to go to dinner on Saturday night. We went to The Olive Garden with some friends and had a scrumdeliumptious dinner. Then we went back home and played a little knock-out (which I'm awesome at).

Sunday was a chillaxing day.

Monday Jacqueline and I had a craving for pizza. Not Little Caesar's pizza, but good pizza. We drove around trying to find a pizza place but they were all closed for the holiday :(

We did however get to go see Terminator Salvation! One movie crossed off my list (see previous post). We also went to celebrate Nikki's 21st birthday over at Shannon and Josh's place. They had a fondue party for her.

It was such a nice and relaxing weekend. Too bad it's over, but it's only a four day week so hooray for that!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movies I HAVE (want) to see in 2009

1. Star Trek - because who doesn't want to look at Chris Pine for 2 hours.
*mmmm....I could stare at this picture for hours*
2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - because who doesn't want to look at Hugh Jackman for an hour and 40 minutes ;)3. Terminator Salvation - because who doesn't want to look at Christian Bale for 2 hours (hmmm...I see a pattern emerging. Kidding, that is not the only reason I want to see these movies)4. Night at the Museum: Battle at the Simthsonian - because the first one was hilarious
5. Angels and Demons - because Alyssa told me I should
6. 17 Again - because it actually looks funny7. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - because I'm a girl
8. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - because I actually liked the first one and am secretly a 10 year old boy 9. Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - because I love Sid and am secretly a 5 year old kid10. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - because I've seen the rest
11. Fighting - because Channing Tatum is hot12. The Proposal - because Sandra Bullock is awesome..... and so is Ryan Reynolds
13. G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra - because I just saw that Channing Tatum is in it and who doesn't want to look at this!
mmmm.......YES PLEASE!
14. The Post Grad Survival Guide - because that'll be me in April 15. New Moon - because I'm slightly obsessed
I'm betting good money this list will increase throughout the year.

Absolute boredom

I'm so completely bored at work........everyday! I have done absolutely nothing today...ok maybe a few things but not enough to make me feel like I did anything of worth. I'm sick of the computer. Sick of the internet. Sick of facebook and yet I can't keep myself from sitting at a computer on facebook for HOURS each day. I need to find something to do while I'm at work all summer before I go completely crazy. I've tried reading for my independent study class but I can only do that for so long before I start falling asleep and I cannot fall asleep here, no matter how much I may want to.

So I need to find something to do.....and this is where you come in. I'll take any and all suggestions.

On the upside :) I'm going camping this weekend and hiking up to Timpanogos Cave. Hooray for me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love my apartment

I absolutely love my new apartment. It's so big and spacious. I have to keep finding new things to add to it doesn't look so bare. I've gotten really good deals at Ikea and DI.
I got the wreath from Tai Pan Trading last year. It may not go with the whole decor but I had it so it's up. The curtains are from Ikea. The candle thing I got from DI for $3 and then I just spray painted it black. The dish chair is Kelsey's but we're holding it for her during the summer. For her birthday present I recovered it. I'm still not actually done. I haven't sewn up the bottom but I'm taking a little break. It's time consuming when you have to do it by hand.
The picture frame I got from Big Lots for $25. I checked everywhere else and those types of frames are expensive! Now I just have to print out pictures to stick in there. I'm still thinking about what to do with the wall behind the dish chair. Any suggestions?

I love this painting by Emily Woods :)
It's the focal point of the room.
I really like this display. I'm going to add something to the spots that don't have anything because it still looks kind of bare. You can't really see but we have a fish! Andrea bought a really cool looking crowntail beta and named him Spike. I think she should of gone with Krull the Warrior King, but that's just me.

The kitchen is still kind of bare. I got the vase and flower from Ikea. It's super cute. The kitchen is so big I don't know what to do with it. I got the dry erase board that's on the right wall from DI for $5. It's in perfect condition and magnetic! I was really excited about finding it. Looking at this picture makes me want to do a window treatment. It'll add something to the room I think.

I know this is unlike me, but what can I say. I've really gotten into this type of thing lately and I figured since I'm going to be in this apartment for a year, I might as well make it home.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm a big deal....

at least in my head.

So time to update.

The weekend of April 25th, I went out to Colorado for Kelsey and Steve's wedding! It was fun and really really nice to get out of Provo. What wasn't nice was the freaking cold weather in Colorado. So anyway, I was a bridesmaid for Kelsey. We got a super nice hotel room for cheap. I love! It's the

Then I came back to Provo and moved! I won't say where in case there are any creepers out there (you know who you are). I love my new place. Absolutely love it! It's not the ghetto like the Riviera. Not a place-full-of-memories-that-I-would-like-to-forget like Carriage Cove. Not a hell hole like the Branbury. And bigger than Nelson. My ward is way fun too...but that just may be because I've actually met some people and participated in activities.....who knows....

I got down to my Texas roots and went country dancing with people in my ward last Wednesday night. So much fun. I got really dizzy though from all the spinning. Trick to country dancing for a girl is to be partnered with a dude that actually knows what he's doing so he can just throw you around.

The following night I hit up the Quarry again, this time with Katie. I love love love climbing. I don't know if I'll ever do it for realz, as in climbing a real rock, but climbing fake walls is fun and a workout! These are the times I wish I was rich enough to do stuff like this all the time, but alas I cannot for I am not rich.

And guess what?! I'm totally going to Vegas to celebrate Katie and my birthdays. Once again, thanks to we got an awesome deal on a hotel situated on the strip. Now we just have to plan activities that don't involve alcohol.

Side note, it's summer time (well almost)! I love not having to take classes, although I am taking an independent study course, but I can totally adjust that to my party schedule. This is the best time of the year. Like seriously.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Sometimes working at the MTC is torture!

I'll give you a hypothetical situation in which it would be so.

Let's say you had friends who submitted mission papers and you had access to view where they were going before the mission call came. There's no way you can say anything about it because that would be cheating. TORTURE!

I don't know why I do this to myself. I mean......since we're speaking hypothetically here.....I don't know why anyone would this to their selves.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm almost done!

I'm almost done! I'm almost done! I've taken 4 finals in the last 2 days and now I only have 2 left!

Before you go thinking that I'm a slacker (which I am, but not in this case) I will just have you know that these two were scheduled. I know, my life sucks. I have to take finals on the very last day and at the very last times possible. My History of Psychology (blah) test is tonight at 5:45pm. Then I have my LDS Perspectives and Psychology test at 8:00pm. Yes it's ok for you to feel sorry for me.

Looking on the bright side of things though........
  • tomorrow I won't have to worry about catching up on any last minute reading
  • I'll be checking out of my apartment (without anywhere to go until Monday)
  • Hopefully tomorrow night Nikki and Meagan open their mission calls
  • Friday morning I'll be headed out to Colorado for the weekend for Kelsey's wedding
  • I'll be moving in The Colony! (as mentioned before, I'll be homeless before this comes)
  • I start Spring classes next week, only 1, Sports Psychology, which I'm super stoked about!
  • Winter is gone!!!!! (I hope I'm not jinxing anything)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm gonna come at you like a Spider Monkey!

I went rock climbing last night! It was so awesome! but now I'm a little dead. I didn't get any pictures :( but I'm definitely going again during the summer! It was sooooo much fun. The best part was that I got to spend time with Kelsey, Steve, and Brock. I don't ever really do anything with them so it was nice to spend a couple of hours last night and do something with them.

Thanks Kelsey, Steve, and Brock for inviting me!
Now I need to stop avoiding studying for finals. I've gotta take two today :(

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bridal Shower Galore!

I'm pretty much an expert when it comes to lingerie. I kid you not. I have spent most of my time at the mall lately shopping for lingerie. I'm dang good at picking really cute stuff.

So getting to the reasons behind all this shopping.......bridal showers!!!

First came Kelsey's. Instead of doing a traditional host-it-at-someone's-apartment-and-have-games, we had a girls night out.
All the single ladies are wearing ring pops, genius idea by Andrea. So that's everyone minus Kelsey who is the only one with real bling.

We hit up Chili's for dinner since Kels LOVES the place.
We also went to Spark and had us some mocktails (I'm sad they didn't have a little something extra.....kidding......ok half serious)

We ended the night by going back to my apartment where I'd made some awesome cupcakes to open gifts!This was Kelsey's face pretty much the whole time.

The countdown is on for her..........9 days.........

Then there was Amber's bridal shower. I got no pictures from this because I forgot my camera. Super lame. Callie and Willi hosted it for her and they did a great job. There was lots of yummy food and some games. Once again opening gifts was the best part. And I found out that she gets to be my roommate for 2 weeks before she gets married! Hooray!

So. Moral of the story. If you want something great for your bridal shower, invite me. Ha. But seriously ;)