Monday, February 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like


Hooray for the warmness. This past weekend was amazing. This morning was amazing even with the drizzle because it means it wasn't snow! I know that now that I have posted this winter will come back with raging fury (cross my fingers it doesn't). I tend to jinx things when i speak them out loud, or in this case post them on the internet. Doesn't matter. I plan on enjoying the weather and ignore when it gets ugly again :)

I've jumped on the bandwagon

and started reading the Twilight books.

I told myself I would hold out as long as possible and I think I've done a pretty good job so far. The first book came out in 2005 and I've only gotten into them 4 years later. What finally set me off was watching the movie on Friday night. After seeing that I just had to read the books. So this past weekend I read Twilight. Next weekend I will read New Moon and so on. I should probably be this dedicated about reading my text books but they aren't quite so interesting or quite so easy to read.


I've got to prioritize better.

New American!

I'm finally an American citizen!!! I was inaugurated on Feb. 18 (last Wednesday). My family came up to be with me and Katie came along too.

It's official! I can now have a passport, have a government job, VOTE!, and call the United States my home. The last I've done since I moved here. I can't imagine having to live in Mexico again and now I don't have to! We should really be thankful for everything we have here. No matter how bad things may seem, they could always be worse. Remember that next time you feel like complaining.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adventures of 2009

I haven't updated for a while on things I've done this semester. This might be kind of long but there will be pictures!

On January 23 we (Tyler, Meagan, Jacqueline, Nikki, and I) went to the Draper Temple open house. It was so awesome. I can't wait to get to go in and do ordinances. For now I'm happy with just being able to do baptisms. It's got an awesome font. I gotta go once it's dedicated.

We (Tyler, Meagan, Jacqueline, Matt, Brock, Kendall (Brock's brother) Steve, Seth, and I) also went to a BYU hockey game. Against the U. Guess who won?! That's right, we did.The best part of hockey games are the fights. Ahhh....makes going to the game and sitting in a cold arena worth it. It's also fun to see players from Utah get kicked out of the game.

We had a big group date over at my apartment at the end of January. The girls made a French dinner for the guys. It was my first time making quiche but apparently it turned out well. I was afraid it might come out tasting a little mexican but I apparently got it to somewhat resemble France. Go me! Jk. The next day with some dessert leftovers Meagan and I made some French goodness.They are fabulous. Only bad thing is that it takes a while to make. Oh man but it's so worth it.

The same day we had the group date KELSEY AND STEVE GOT ENGAGED!!! Hooray. The day is April 25th in the Denver Temple. Road trip!

This past weekend for President's Day I got out of Provo! I went down to Zion National Park for the first time ever. While we were there Kelsey and Steve took engagment pictures.

It was so much fun. Eight of us went, Steve, Brock, Bret, Clint, Kelsey, Melanie, Shelby, and me. We hiked the Emerald Pools trail. We weren't going to try anything that might possibly kill us, aka Angels Landing. At least I wasn't going to. That's something for me to look forward to doing in May when there isn't any ice or snow on the trail.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My new office

My new office is lovely......

Yes that's me in the back. Nope I haven't really done much work today. Do you really expect me to be able to get much done in this environment. I can't wait for when it's all done. I'm hoping for it to be finished this month.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Where are their parents?!?!

This morning as I was driving to work I saw something disturbing. 3 kids, the oldest being about 7, walking to school along 9th themselves! What? Huh? Where was their mother?! Do their parents not watch the news? Kids get kidnapped while walking to school. It doesn't matter that we're in Provo, there are crazies everywhere! It takes 5-10 mintues to walk your kids to school and make sure they get there safely. You cannot possibly be pressed for time that hard to not be able to make sure your kids are where they're supposed to be.

This was my rant for the day. But seriously people, it's not that hard to get up and take your kids to school.