Monday, March 2, 2009

Clara's birthday!

Clara's birthday was on Friday, February 27 and she turned 7!!! Next year I get to fly home to go to her baptism!! Hooray.

Since I'm not home and can't give her an actual birthday present, I had my mom give her one for me. Friday I was thinking about what I could possibly give her since I'm not home. I had no idea and then it clicked. She could go to Build-A-Bear and make her own bear.
I felt bad for the twins because they want one too but my mom convinced them they could go for their birthday. So they behaved. So Clara's bear is actually a rabbit named Mony, after me, who is wearing a Texas shirt, a denim skirt, sandals, and plays a Hannah Montana song. Isn't she cute? It melted my heart a little bit when she told me.

I hope this bear stays with her for a while. I still have a huge Pooh Bear I got when I was 9. It's been a while.

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