Friday, March 6, 2009

Hooray for March!

Hooray for March! Even though we have no breaks this month I'm excited for this month. My reasons are listed below.

  • The first week in March is over which means it's all downhill from here. This past week was a bit hellish. I had 3 exams and 3 papers. (I still have 2 out of those 3 exams and it's the weekend :( I bet you can guess what I'll be doing this afternoon and tomorrow morning.) And Andrea and I went to the Draper open house again :)
  • I get to go to dinner at Emily and Nicole's apartment tonight!
  • I get to go to the Draper Temple dedication on the 22nd!!! Hooray for temples!
  • March signifies the beginning of Spring! (Although being in Utah, Spring comes whenever it feels like it or mixes in a little Winter here and there until it suddenly gets ridiculously hot.)
  • I'm going to hopefully visit the Manti temple sometime this month. I want to visit all the temples in Utah.
  • I get to go shopping at Ikea! Since I'm moving this Spring/Summer again I won't have anything for my kitchen. I've got to go get my own stuff! And Ikea is the best place to go buy a crap load of stuff at once.
  • This month will be over in 3 and a half weeks which means I'll be completely done with this semester in 6 and a half weeks!

April will be utterly awesome!

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