Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I love my apartment

I absolutely love my new apartment. It's so big and spacious. I have to keep finding new things to add to it doesn't look so bare. I've gotten really good deals at Ikea and DI.
I got the wreath from Tai Pan Trading last year. It may not go with the whole decor but I had it so it's up. The curtains are from Ikea. The candle thing I got from DI for $3 and then I just spray painted it black. The dish chair is Kelsey's but we're holding it for her during the summer. For her birthday present I recovered it. I'm still not actually done. I haven't sewn up the bottom but I'm taking a little break. It's time consuming when you have to do it by hand.
The picture frame I got from Big Lots for $25. I checked everywhere else and those types of frames are expensive! Now I just have to print out pictures to stick in there. I'm still thinking about what to do with the wall behind the dish chair. Any suggestions?

I love this painting by Emily Woods :)
It's the focal point of the room.
I really like this display. I'm going to add something to the spots that don't have anything because it still looks kind of bare. You can't really see but we have a fish! Andrea bought a really cool looking crowntail beta and named him Spike. I think she should of gone with Krull the Warrior King, but that's just me.

The kitchen is still kind of bare. I got the vase and flower from Ikea. It's super cute. The kitchen is so big I don't know what to do with it. I got the dry erase board that's on the right wall from DI for $5. It's in perfect condition and magnetic! I was really excited about finding it. Looking at this picture makes me want to do a window treatment. It'll add something to the room I think.

I know this is unlike me, but what can I say. I've really gotten into this type of thing lately and I figured since I'm going to be in this apartment for a year, I might as well make it home.


Alyssa and Tyler said...

So cute!! I love it! You are doing a good job decorating.

Stu and Angie Milne said...

cute cute! and i love the painting! emily is so talented geez.