Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial day weekend

was blissful....just blissful.
The weekend started off with camping up American Fork Canyon on Friday night. It was so awesome to go up there with just Emily, Meagan, and Jacqueline. We are so awesome because we don't need boys. We set up our own tent and campfire.Saturday we awoke, had breakfast by the river, and then hiked up to Timp Cave. We didn't actually go in cause it's kind of expensive. So we trekked up 1.5 miles and then back down just for the heck of it. We then had a picnic with our leftover food before heading back into civilization. Jacqueline and I decided after being boys and getting gross while camping we wanted to be girls again so we got dressed up to go to dinner on Saturday night. We went to The Olive Garden with some friends and had a scrumdeliumptious dinner. Then we went back home and played a little knock-out (which I'm awesome at).

Sunday was a chillaxing day.

Monday Jacqueline and I had a craving for pizza. Not Little Caesar's pizza, but good pizza. We drove around trying to find a pizza place but they were all closed for the holiday :(

We did however get to go see Terminator Salvation! One movie crossed off my list (see previous post). We also went to celebrate Nikki's 21st birthday over at Shannon and Josh's place. They had a fondue party for her.

It was such a nice and relaxing weekend. Too bad it's over, but it's only a four day week so hooray for that!


Alyssa and Tyler said...

What is knock-out?

Megan said...

Your pictures are so cute and your weekend sounds like so much fun! I want to go on a camping trip now too. We need to hang out soon!