Friday, July 31, 2009

The end is here

The end of July that is.

I'm not going to lie, it's a little weird that July is over. We've got 1 month until the start of classes. My vacation is coming to an end and I'm kind of dreading it. This is my last year though, so it'll be good (or at least I hope it's good).

This summer just flew past. I got a call last night from my friend Matt who just got back from his mission. That was strange. It's been 2 years and while it feels like it went by so fast, I look back and realize there was so much that happened in the last two years.
  • I went from being a freshman at BYU to getting ready to start my senior year.
  • I started (and am still at) my job at the MTC.
  • I had my first boyfriend (and 2nd).
  • I contemplated a mission.
  • I contemplated marriage.
  • I changed majors 3 times (I'm done changing by the way).
  • I've seen girl friends go off into the MTC and others go off and get married.

Lots has changed but at the same time not much has changed. So bring on the next 2 years! I don't know what I'll be doing the year after I graduate but that's the beauty of it. I can do whatever I want and hopefully that's in line with what the Lord would have me do :)


angie milne photography said...

I really loved this post Monica :) it is so crazy to think of how much has happened in the last two years.. I'm glad eveything is going well! You're lucky to have another month of break, I'm jealous!

Alyssa and Tyler said...

I love this post too!! It's amazing to look back at pictures (I'm looking at the one of us getting pedicures over labor day on your blog) and see how everyone has changed and grwon. I don't talke to half of the people in that picture on a regular basis anymore. I am glad we are still friends!! :)