Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last night we had Jacqueline's birthday bash bbq and honestly I was a little worried people might not come but it turned out great! We had a good turn out and I think people enjoyed themselves.
Since 3 girls planned it and we're not very good with a grill, Jordan was nice enough to show up early and help us get it started. Then he so humbly dubbed himself the "grill master" and ended up manning the grill all night and making all the food.
Ben and Davis showed up before everyone so they helped me blow up balloons and get the decorations going. They even brought Jacqueline an inflatable pool walrus.
Andrea and Laci did an awesome job filling up water balloons and everyone else had a blast throwing them around.
Caleb got the pinata all set up, Trent manned it, Kyle provided us with a bat, Jacqueline got to take out her frustrations on it, and the rest of us got candy! :)
Last night was our most successful and actual party planned to date.
*Thanks to Andrea and her mad picture taking skills*

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