Monday, August 10, 2009

Sundance Full Moon Lift Ride

Friday night

8:45PM-Drive to Sundance
9:00PM-Purchase tickets
9:05PM-Get on the lift
9:06PM-10:00PM-Enjoy the ride

We didn't take our cameras and Katie wondered how we would remember our outing. My answer "I'll blog about it". Still, not having pictures doesn't do it justice.

I'd never been on a lift. I happen to like the ground and heights not so much. Katie was more scared than me however and it probably didn't help that we went with Jacqueline and Jordan who thought it was funny to rock the lift and not have the bar in front of us. We did survive however and it was actually enjoyable. I wish I had a camera that could capture the scenary the way my eyes saw it. The mountains look awesome in the moonlight, the trees below us not so much. I half expected something to grab my dangling legs and pull me out of the chair. Maybe that's the reason I don't watch scary movies too often, because then I like to freak myself out.

So anyway, it was nice. Cold, but nice.

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