Saturday, September 26, 2009

kidney stones

I had kidney stones for the first time in my life freshman year at the start of finals week. Fun I know. I took my first ever college final while high on OxyCodone. The pain killers didn't really help but I got a blessing and viola, kidney stone and pain gone.

Fast forward to this past Thursday night. Everything is fine and dandy. I go to the choir concert on campus with Emily, come home and go to bed. Around 9 I started having cramps. I knew it wasn't that time of month so I went to bed. At 11 I wake up with extreme pain. My roommates decide I must go to the hospital even though I didn't really want to because I would feel stupid. So we get to the hospital around 11:30. Check in and wait in the lobby (where I throw up some) until 12:10 for them to finally take me into the back. Nurse comes, talks to me, doctor comes, talks to me, asks if I want pain killers. Um yes please! Around 1 the pain has gotten so intense I would like them to rip out my insides. They decided to give me morphine instead. Then I got a cat scan. They couldn't see anything besides an ovarian cyst (um no biggie?) but gave me another shot of morphine and sent me home along with a perscription for Percocet.

Friday I email all my teachers, tell them I'm dying (JK). I still go up to campus to take a test and turn in a paper. I get super dizzy cause there is still morphine in my system. Needless to say I slept lots yesterday. Around 5 pm the pain starts to come back at which point I take 1 Percocet instead of the 2 they said. Boy am I glad cause that 1 kicked in fast totally knocked me silly. I forgot I had set up an appointment with my visiting teachers at 5:30. I'm pretty sure I freaked them out. Around 6:30 Chuck and Matt came over to give me a blessing, I know I freaked them out. Then I slept pretty much until this morning. Now there is no pain, no nothing. Seriously priesthood blessings are the best. I need to have those boys on speed dial the rest of my life, or really any boy worthy to use his priesthood.

Kidney stones hurt but I guess I might as well get used to them seeing how I'll probably have a few more in my lifetime. I checked out WebMD and it said that once you have them they're likely to recur. At least this way I'll be ready for childbirth!


Stu and Angie Milne said...

umm ouch? sorry mon, i'm glad you're feeling better! how cool is that though, the priesthood is amazing. sometimes it is just simply incredible to know how much power those boys old.

Kimberly Harrison said...

WHAT THE HECK!! Ok I officially feel like the biggest I call you today asking you if you want to go to the football game...I had no idea!! I am soo so so sorry! I will come visit you soon. :(

Alyssa and Tyler said...

no fun! Drink more water. That will help you not get them. My sister had them a lot when she was in school, but she hasn't gotten one for about 3 years! Water works!!