Tuesday, September 15, 2009

President Monson BYU Devotional

I don't usually go to devotionals because I head to work straight after class. Today, however, since the Prophet was the speaker, I decided I could go to work late. I'm so glad I actually watched this devotional. For those of you who didn't get the chance, here is a recap of what President Monson talked about. Keep in mind these are my notes of what he said.

In our lives we have extreme difficulties but at the same time exceptional opportunities.
I love this because sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in everything that isn't going right or dwell on how bad things seem. We just have to look around us and see what great opportunities come our way, even from those difficulties. There is always a lesson to learn and a way to improve.

He then went on to talk about all the Prophets of his lifetime and lessons we can learn from each of the past Prophets. He gave us the Prophet's favorite hymn (FH), quote (Q), and guiding principle (GP), which I will now pass on to you.

Heber J. Grant
FH-Do What Is Right, let the consequence follow
GP- Persistence: Persist in things which are good and noble.

George Albert Smith
FH- Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words
Q- Stay softly and safely on the Lord's side.
GP- Compassion: Have compassion in your heart.

David O. McKay
FH- Oh Say, What Is Truth?
Q- True Christianity is love in action.
GP- Consideration: May we always be considerate.
*fun fact* President McKay extended the call of apostleship to President Monson.

Joseph Fielding Smith
FH- Prayer Is the Soul's Sincere Desire, uttered or unexpressed
Q- Wickedness never was happiness.
GP- Gospel scholarship: Be studious.

Harold B. Lee
FH- Praise To The Man
Q- Stand ye in holy places and be not moved.
GP- Be in tune to the guidance of the holy spirit.

Spencer W. Kimball
FH- I Need Thee Every Hour
Q- Lengthen your stride.
GP- Dedication

Ezra Taft Benson
FH- How Great Thou Art
Q- What manner of men are ye to be? Verily, I say unto you even as I am.
GP- Love: Let us love one another.

Howard W. Hunter
FH- Have I Done Any Good?
Q- Let another man praise thee and not thine own lips. (modesty)
GP- Look for the best in people.

Gordon B. Hinckley
FH- God of Our Fathers, Known of Old
Q- And now after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!
GP- Do your best!

What can we learn from these Prophets?
We can learn they never wavered, never faltered, never failed. They were men of God.

May we be dedicated to the gospel. We must realize that we have influence for good in the lives of others.

I highly recommend that you look up this devotional and read it. He gave stories for each of the Prophets that I'm not including in this. They were hilarious.

President Monson is awesome. I'm so happy we have a living prophet to guide us and the opportunity I have to be at BYU.


Emily Juliet Ainian said...

Monica! Thank you for this post... today's devotional was by far one of the best I have EVER been to! I love President Monson... and YOU! :)

Alyssa and Tyler said...

Thanks for putting this up! I didn't get to take notes so I;m glad you did it for me :)