Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last time

I just registered for my last semester of classes. It's weird.

I forgot to do it at midnight so I did it this morning and 2 of the classes I wanted were full so I had to do a little rearranging. I'm taking Child Psychopathology, Personality, Intro to Social Psychology, Writing in the Social Sciences, and Humanities 202. I have an interview tomorrow for an internship so hopefully I'll also be taking my capstone class.

And Viola! I am done. I still have to take the final for my Sports Psychology independent study class but I'll study for that over Christmas break and take it first thing back.

I have to apply for graduation by November 15! Oh my goodness.........

Friday, October 23, 2009

EEG study

My Psych 304 professor offers extra credit for participating in research studies. So today I volunteered to wear one of these beautiful little caps
for an hour and a half and have salt water poured on my head while I stared at a computer screen and pushed buttons as arrows flashed on the screen.
Oh ya. It was exciting. I get extra credit!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have a friend in the MTC, Sister Ricks,
who stops by my office every so often with her companion or other sisters in her district.
On multiple occasions I've been told by her companions that I'm the cutest ever and how much they love me. I'm attributing this to them being sister missionaries and that's just how they are but none the less it's nice to hear.

Today, Sister Hartvigsen, on one such visit, told me that she and Sister Beesley (one of the other sisters in the district) had been talking about me earlier (I guess they were really bored) and they decided that all the boys must love me. So she asked me whether they did. I looked at her in puzzlement and answered no. She responded with an "oh you don't realize it".

So this got me thinking. Really? Am I that oblivious? Here I am thinking it's perfectly normal that I'm not dating someone but yet people (sister missionaries aren't the only ones that have told me this) think it's shocking when they find out that I don't have a line of boys outside my apartment every night. Apparently I need to work on this. Problem is, I don't know how.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And I'm back

in the District President's office at the MTC. Not forever though. Just for today, so it's bearable.

I've worked in this office the past two summers but it's still so weird every time I come back in. I have certain specific memories that I can't help but think about and reminisce. All those long nights during the summer when I could have been home playing, counting down the hours until 7 pm came around. Getting dinner from one of the district presidents. A boy calling me everyday on his way home from work. Having to send security out to look for a missionary I couldn't find. Or just sitting and chatting (not flirting despite what some people think) with an Elder while he was waiting for his companion. Oh the District President's office.

We've got another 1.5 hours together.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall colors

I never knew what Fall was until I came to Utah. Texas sure doesn't believe in seasons. And boy will I miss the colors when I leave this state (who knows when that will be).

I went on a hike today with Amber and Nicole on the Bonneville Shoreline trail. It's not that impressive until you round the mountain and get into the canyon. The change is shocking right?It was a really easy hike, more like a walk really, but I really enjoyed it. I think it has something to do with me being an old woman. Just a thought.

And now I must write a paper but do I want to. Nope. Will I put it off longer even though it's due on Monday? Probably.
*sigh* I'm such a slacker.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Let the good times roll

I've had my blog for a year. Congratulations to me.
I've been slacking on blogging though and didn't post about Vegas or my birthday. tsk tsk I'm ashamed of myself.
The following is my sorry attempt at vindicating myself.
While in Vegas we met President Obama
and had a fancy dinner at Sensi in the Bellagio
Birthday picture outside of Chili's
That's all you get on those 2 events.

Update on my apartment dealio. They didn't ever email me back so yesterday I emailed them again. They're installing cable and said I can deduct the price from my rent until it's installed.

I feel bad but people have to live up to their promises and in this case, contracts.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I will not be screwed over

When I moved into my new apartment I was told that I would have cable and that it should be set up by September 1. October rolls around and I finally get around to buying a cable cord to hook up the TV to the wall. Turn it on and still no cable.

I get on my computer and write an email to my landlord.
I was told that we were supposed to have cable service no later than September 1. We still don't. I don't know if there is something wrong with the wiring or if I was misinformed (This was just included as a courtesy because I was told I would have it. I'm just trying to be nice here). Thanks,Monica Gonzalez

So then I get a response back that says
The HOA is meeting this week to see if they will add it but no, the unit does not come with cable.
Thank you,
(name of person)

Aspen Ridge Management

OH NO YOU DIDN' this was my response back
My contract indicates otherwise. The following is straight from the contract which both I and the landlord or agent signed. 4. UTILITIES: The student will be responsible for the utilities indicated: [X]gas [X]electricity [ ]water [ ] garbage [ ] sewer [X] telephone [ ] internet [ ] cable which will require the student to place the utilities in his/her name or the student will be billed seperately by the landlord. Unless a box is checked it is presumed that the utilities are included in the rent.
The cable box was not checked so my contract indicates that it does. Monica

I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Either they give me cable or lower my rent. It's not that I love TV so much, it's the principle of the idea. If it's in the contract you give it to me or there's no reason I should uphold my end of the contract. It's a two-way street buddy.