Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I will not be screwed over

When I moved into my new apartment I was told that I would have cable and that it should be set up by September 1. October rolls around and I finally get around to buying a cable cord to hook up the TV to the wall. Turn it on and still no cable.

I get on my computer and write an email to my landlord.
I was told that we were supposed to have cable service no later than September 1. We still don't. I don't know if there is something wrong with the wiring or if I was misinformed (This was just included as a courtesy because I was told I would have it. I'm just trying to be nice here). Thanks,Monica Gonzalez

So then I get a response back that says
The HOA is meeting this week to see if they will add it but no, the unit does not come with cable.
Thank you,
(name of person)

Aspen Ridge Management

OH NO YOU DIDN' this was my response back
My contract indicates otherwise. The following is straight from the contract which both I and the landlord or agent signed. 4. UTILITIES: The student will be responsible for the utilities indicated: [X]gas [X]electricity [ ]water [ ] garbage [ ] sewer [X] telephone [ ] internet [ ] cable which will require the student to place the utilities in his/her name or the student will be billed seperately by the landlord. Unless a box is checked it is presumed that the utilities are included in the rent.
The cable box was not checked so my contract indicates that it does. Monica

I'm still waiting to hear back from them.

Either they give me cable or lower my rent. It's not that I love TV so much, it's the principle of the idea. If it's in the contract you give it to me or there's no reason I should uphold my end of the contract. It's a two-way street buddy.

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