Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have a friend in the MTC, Sister Ricks,
who stops by my office every so often with her companion or other sisters in her district.
On multiple occasions I've been told by her companions that I'm the cutest ever and how much they love me. I'm attributing this to them being sister missionaries and that's just how they are but none the less it's nice to hear.

Today, Sister Hartvigsen, on one such visit, told me that she and Sister Beesley (one of the other sisters in the district) had been talking about me earlier (I guess they were really bored) and they decided that all the boys must love me. So she asked me whether they did. I looked at her in puzzlement and answered no. She responded with an "oh you don't realize it".

So this got me thinking. Really? Am I that oblivious? Here I am thinking it's perfectly normal that I'm not dating someone but yet people (sister missionaries aren't the only ones that have told me this) think it's shocking when they find out that I don't have a line of boys outside my apartment every night. Apparently I need to work on this. Problem is, I don't know how.


Amber said...

you get to see meagsy?? Tell her hiiii if you ever see her again

Alyssa and Tyler said...

So jealous you got to see meagan, and yes- you are oblivious and need to pay more attention to all of the boys that are madly in love with you!