Sunday, November 29, 2009

New calling

My bishop called me on Wednesday and told me he wanted to meet with me this Sunday. I got really scared because I didn't know why, and then it hit me....our Relief Society Presidency was being reorganized because our president is getting married. This got me really scared.

So this morning I head over before church to meet with him and he starts with, "So as you probably already know the Relief Society is being reorganized" and my heart started pounding really fast.

It's OK though, I only got called as Relief Society Secretary. Doesn't have quite as scary a title.

Man will this be a growing experience for me. I'll actually have to participate in church and talk to people. I think the Lord knows what's he's doing's when he calls people to different positions. He wants me to grow.

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Alyssa and Tyler said...

Relief Society Secretary?? Wow that's a big calling!! Congrats on that.