Friday, December 11, 2009

28 days

Have you ever seen the movie 28 Days? Sandra Bullock plays an alcoholic who goes to rehab. When someone gets released from the center they are told they are not allowed to be in a relationship until they've managed to keep a pet and a plant alive.

Now I'm not an addict of anything by any means (maybe except for junk food, call me a fatty) but I fear I may not be allowed to be in a relationship. You see, I haven't managed to keep both a pet and a plant alive.

No I haven't killed an animal. I'm taking care of Andrea's fish, Spike, and I'm able to keep him alive quite easily, granted it's a fish, but some people have a problem with even that.

My area of difficulty comes in plants. Every year I get a Poinsettia for Christmas to put in my office, and every year it dies far earlier than anyone else's.

It was so pretty and pink too. I've watered it. Hopefully it comes back to life!

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