Saturday, March 27, 2010


I haven't blogged this month as much as I did last month. Hmmm......

So since I have nothing else to do, other than wait for laundry, I will come up with something for you to read.

Just some random thoughts:
I really LOVE having a washer and dryer in my apartment. It's super nice to not have to haul tons of laundry and detergent around anymore. Plus it makes it smell really good in here anytime any one does laundry.

The semester is almost over. Where the heck did it go? Only 2 1/2 weeks left of class? What? Really? It just flew by as I sat in the library day after day. It's my last real semester and I finally got the hang of classes, studying, and acing tests. Dang. At least I'm going out on top.

I love music. It completes my life. Sometimes I wish there was background music playing as I walked around. My own personal soundtrack. I think that would be sweet. Although now that I've finally downloaded iTunes onto my computer, I can finally update my iPod and pretend I have a soundtrack to my life. I might look a little crazy dancing from class to class but meh.

I've had 3 interviews this week! I had 2 on Friday, 1 for a teller position with Zions Bank, and the other for APX in the monitoring department. They had me listen in on calls for half an hour so I think that means it went well. I hope they didn't just waste my time. Then today I had a phone interview with APX again but this time for inventory clerk, correspondence clerk, and shipping clerk. She asked me for references so I'd think that's a good sign. Now it's just a waiting game to hopefully hear back from someone this week.

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