Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I will not break

I'm sitting in the library trying to finish my last assignment of the semester before finals. It's not going so good given the fact that I'm blogging instead. I wonder if my grade will drop incredibly if I don't do this last assignment. I have 1 hour to finish it before class. Then after class I have to come back to the library to study for my Humanities final which I've scheduled for tomorrow night at 8.

I feel so incredibly overwhelmed right now but I shouldn't really complain. I'm incredibly blessed to have 2 jobs and be finishing out this semester. I just gotta power through for the next week. Then I can totally break down.

I was walking to get some food earlier and almost fell over. I wish the kid sitting in front of me had shared his little 5 hour energy thing.

Sunday you can't come fast enough.

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