Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm alive! (just barely)

Yes I fell off the face of the planet but I'm trying to cling my way back on.

The end of the semester came and went. I didn't do too fabulously on my finals but I did end up with pretty good grades nonetheless. My last semester at BYU and I finally got a good GPA. Way to finish out on top. My mom keeps telling me that since I finally got the hang of school maybe I should go on to graduate thoughts?.....maybe. We'll see where I'm at in a year.

I started working full time with APX so now I'm at 60+ hours a week. Hence me falling off the face of the planet. I was also going to attempt to take my last class during Spring term but then realized I wanted to cry, so I dropped that and will now be doing it as Independent Study. Don't really know if that option is all that much better but at least it gives me an extra month to finish it up. I should probably start the class or I won't really have that extra month. Stress.

I get to go to Kentucky in 2 weeks for Emily's wedding. It's my vacation this summer and I'm looking forward to it. Never been to Kentucky.

My sister Paloma got engaged this past week. Still getting used to the idea. It's weird to think about but exciting at the same time. I get to go home for a few days at the end of July for her wedding and while I'm there I celebrate my mom's birthday, which hasn't happened for me in 3 years, and I get to be there for Clara's baptism.

My parents also finally sold their house. They've been trying for the last year or so and it finally happened. I love how Heavenly Father works and makes things happen at the appropriate times.

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