Monday, May 10, 2010


Since I work every freaking weekend at APX from 2-10, I decided to get out of Provo on my last free weekend of the summer. I went up to Rexburg with Katie and Tyler to visit my sister and take a visit out to Yellowstone. We drove up on Friday night, got there just after midnight, dropped Tyler off at his friend's house, and fell asleep to Dark Water. Wake up Saturday morning and head on out to Yellowstone.

It was frigid. We drove around, saw some buffalo, elk, wildlife in general. On our drive back to Rexburg, we got lost and drove for a while up into Montana until we realized we were driving past a lake we hadn't seen before. We finally got on the right road just in time for a blizzard and just about died on the road. Shhhh don't tell the people that were in the car with me, they don't really know they almost died.

So we made it back to Rexburg and just chilled at Andrea's apartment. I ended up going to bed at 9, I know lame. Sunday we went to church and then Andrea made us food. Mmmm I love me some food, I mean, I love my sister.

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