Thursday, June 24, 2010


I think I am possibly the biggest slacker I know.

I called my advisement center this morning. Here's how it went down.

me: "Hi, I have a question. I'm supposed to graduate in August but I'm working on my last class through independent study right now. If I don't get it done can I still walk in August and ......"

Heidi (girl from advisement center): "graduate in December? Yes it's possible. You would have to fill out a petition form."

me: "Ok and that's different from the graduation addendum form?"

Heidi: "Yes, it's a petition to walk in August."

me: "Oh, ok and you have those in your office."

Heidi: "Yes."

me: "Ok. Awesome. Thank you."

Yes I am the biggest slacker on the face of the planet. I still get to pretend I graduate in August. No big :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Consider me gone

So yesterday I decided I was going to work on my independent study class after I got off work. Did I? Sure didn't.

Hardcore slacker.

What did I do instead?

Why thank you for asking......I will tell you.

I got out of work at 4 pm, drove to the car wash and yes you guessed it.....washed my car.

Then I went to get Katie and we had an early dinner at the Hotdog King. It was aight. We proceeded onto Walmart where I was going to get my oil changed but the 2 hour wait kind of put a damper on that plan so we just went inside and I bought some things.

After leaving Walmart, we stopped by Old Navy and once again, I walked out with bag in hand. I bought 2 shirts.

After Old Navy we swung by the mall. Bad idea. Katie wanted to return something she got from Banana Republic a few weeks ago and that failed. She didn't get her bag out of the car and I ended up spending lots of money.

First stop was Victoria's Secret where they are having their semi-annual sale. I thought why not?

Next came Gap, where they too were having a sale so I picked up some shorts.

Then we crossed over to Banana Republic and blew some more money on 2 dresses.

Wanna know the grand total of this little escapade? 260 bones. Yeah, I know.

Wanna know my justification for spending this much money? I work 60 hours a week for a reason right? I can afford to buy all this stuff........

And this is what happens when I need to make myself feel better about boys not liking me. There are worse things I could be doing, right?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

How you know you're getting old

Chocolate gives you a headache
Sitting on concrete for 2 hours gives you a backache like you've never had

Getting old and decrepit sucks.

Monday, June 14, 2010

You wanna know what's pathetic.....

when I have a night off from work and I would rather be at work. Super pathetic.

I'm so used to always being at work I can't think of things to do when I'm at home. I just sit on my couch bored out of my mind. I've done some reading for my Independent Study class but even that gets old after a while. It shouldn't, seeing how I'm down to 1 month to finish it (I'm thinking it's not going to happen).

This past Saturday night I got off work at 7. I parked and sat in my car and realized why it is that I work so much. It keeps me busy and helps me forget that I'm alone. I really need to find a significant other, that or make tons of new friends. I'm thinking I should go with the first option.