Monday, June 14, 2010

You wanna know what's pathetic.....

when I have a night off from work and I would rather be at work. Super pathetic.

I'm so used to always being at work I can't think of things to do when I'm at home. I just sit on my couch bored out of my mind. I've done some reading for my Independent Study class but even that gets old after a while. It shouldn't, seeing how I'm down to 1 month to finish it (I'm thinking it's not going to happen).

This past Saturday night I got off work at 7. I parked and sat in my car and realized why it is that I work so much. It keeps me busy and helps me forget that I'm alone. I really need to find a significant other, that or make tons of new friends. I'm thinking I should go with the first option.


Sword of Justice said...

Well, you should call or text me when you're lonely. We've got games, food, and puppies. What more can one ask for?

Willi Nixon said...

hey, i hear you :) thats why i do school 32 hours a week and work 20 hours. be friends with me!