Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My only day of summer

My only day of summer happened the day after the 4th of July. I had the entire day off, no MTC, no APX, it was glorious. I felt like I had to fit as many activities as I possibly could into this one day.

It started by being woken up at 8:30 in the morning by the parade going on outside my window. So I got up and took Andrea to the mall. When we came back someone had parked in my reserved spot and with the parade still going on there was no where to park. So I towed them. Yeah I know, I'm a horrible person.

Then I went rock climbing up Rock Canyon with some people from work. It was great. As we were walking to our destination rock I realized I didn't have my camera. That was a bummer, no pictures. I climbed, watched others climb and then had to run out of the canyon to make it back for my next activity.

Alpine sliding rock.
It took me forever to actually build up the nerve to slide down. There were tons of people there and I didn't want to injure myself in front of that many people. I finally did slide down however and the water was freezing! I would go again though and the next time I hope there aren't that many people there.

When I got back home, Andrea and I went to In N Out for a late lunch/early dinner and then to the mall again because our morning trip was unsuccessful. Then she took off back to Rexburg and I finally got to shower. My night concluded with Katie and Caitlin. We tried to go to a dollar movie but everything was sold out so we went to Target instead. I finished off my night by falling asleep on their couch watching a movie.

Why can't I have more days of summer? Oh wait, I know the answer to this. It's because I have no life.

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