Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing good happens after midnight

Last night after I got off work at 10 PM I was feeling a little down because sometimes I feel like people don't like I went to hang out with one of my few remaining friends. We decided to go to Rock Canyon Park to look at stars.

So there we are, laying in the back of my car looking at stars and talking. It's after midnight and at this point we're the only car there. We're looking at stars, I'm kind of falling asleep when a car pulls up and shines it's headlights on us. We turn around and see it's a cop car. The nice policeman steps out of his car and comes over to us shining a flashlight in our faces as if the headlights weren't enough to have sufficiently blinded me.

This nice policeman (who I now believe saved my life) proceeds to ask us if we had seen a man wearing a black and white plaid shirt.

We look at each other, "No we haven't. Should we be worried."

Cop: "Well if you happen to see him call us immediately."

Us: "Should we leave?"

Cop: "Well technically you're not supposed to be up here after 11."

It's about 12:30 at this point.

Us: "Ok we'll leave."

So we hop out of the back of my car. Close it up and start to drive away. The policeman gets back into his car and starts scanning the bushes with his spotlight. Then he finds the man he was looking for. Black and white plaid shirt man walks out of the park with his hands raised, cop gets out of his car and cuffs black and white plaid shirt man. We drive down to the bottom of the park and see 3 more cop cars there.

I'm pretty sure we might have been murdered had the policeman not shown up just then. We had been in the perfect position for black and white plaid shirt man to walk up to us and slit our throats.

Sorry that's a little gruesome. I don't actually know why they were looking for this man but really? 4 cruisers? I guess this is why they say nothing good happens after midnight.


nicole said...

oh my stars!!!! dude you need to be more careful!!! i hope you consider me still one of your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alyssa and Tyler said...

First- I am one of your friends!
Second.... I hope you were with a guy that night. How scary. I am never going to Rock Canyon Park again.

Austin and Milla Boles said...

Oh my goodness Mon!!! BE SAFE! That is so freaky! I'm glad cops are doing something right out there: saving my roomie!