Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm a lame face

I am really sucking it up on this whole blogging thing lately. I never updated on my graduation because I didn't get the pictures off my parents camera. And I never updated on my new apartment because quite honestly, I'm too lazy to take the time to take the pictures.

We did however have a lovely housewarming party a few weekends ago. If you didn't come, you missed out. That is all.

It is almost mid September. How does that happen? Where did summer go? I've finally started working on my class again. I went to the library tonight and almost cried when I walked in. You know how somethings just bring back memories? The library smell did that to me tonight. Not quite exactly sure what it reminded me of but whatever it was made we want to cry.

Other than the one class I just started working on again, I've been spending my days at the MTC, or vegged on my couch watching something not worth my time.

Plans for this fall however, include (1) birthday party for Caitlin, Katie, and me (2) actual birthday (3) San Antonio for my cousin's wedding (4) Boise for a football game

I'm open to filling it up with more fun things. Oh and finishing my lame class. Yeah.....that's number 1.

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