Sunday, November 7, 2010

dreams come true?

"So maybe it's the whole bad-a cop thing. Yes that could be it. A cop in a suit. Which makes him a detective, which makes him even more attractive.

Sometimes I wish TV shows were real life. Then I could move to LA, meet him, fall in love, and marry him."

Remember the above quote from my last post? Last night I met what would be the equivalent of the character in real life.

Andrea wanted me to meet Dylan so he set me up on a blind date with his friend so that we could all go on a group date. We had this date last night in which we went to Tsunami up in South Jordan. It's a sushi place and yes I finally ate sushi. Not horrible, but not my favorite thing in the world.

So we're sitting there talking and I find out that the boy I was with wants to be a cop, a detective. On the inside I got all excited. On the outside I kept it cool. If I had met this kid 2 years ago I would have immediately fallen in love with him. It's really too bad that he just got back from his mission in September.

Why are boys so young these days? It's quite disappointing.

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