Friday, March 11, 2011

Sometimes I sound like a lesbian

I was reading through some old posts and realized that I mention Katie in A LOT of them. Most, if not all my readers, know that Katie is (in the words of Forest Gump) my best good friend.

But to the few random (I'm talking to you South Korea) people that happen to stumble across this blog, I realized it may sound like Katie's my life parter and while sometimes it may seem that way I would just like to clear the air and say that it's not true.

So, I just wanted to throw it out there for those that may have wondered....I'm not a lesbian. I like, men...those of the male gender....almost to the point of it being an obsession...(but rest easy I'm not obsessed...yet)

Anyway, thanks to urban dictionary I have learned that while Katie and I aren't lesbians, we are what has become known as "lesbi-friends".

the end.

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