Thursday, April 28, 2011

Land O' Hippies: Day 1

We arrived in Lacey (where Katie's family lives) around 3:30 AM Friday morning and crashed.

We awoke 5 hours later to a lovely, sunny day and headed out to Olympia.
Land O' Hippies. Seriously. I wanted to hose people down. It's allowed, encouraged even, to bathe in the human world. Do it people. It's not a luxury anymore. Also, please don't buy clothing with holes. It's not cool to dress like you jumped into a dumpster.

We walked around downtown Olympia, went into a few shops and I came out with
vintage purse from a shop called Finders Keepers Antique. The purse is in the bag in my hand.

We had lunch at Old School Pizza,
walked around some more, and called it a day. We were still exhausted so we went back to the house and napped. Once we semi caught up on our beauty sleep we went to dinner with Katie's family at Red Robin, yum! and watched a movie.

Thus concludes day 1.

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