Friday, April 29, 2011

Land O' Hippies: Day 2

Another sunny day (thank you Washington)!

We drove to Sea-Tac and picked John up from the airport, drove to Safeco Field and bought tickets for that night's Mariners/As game.

We walked around Seattle all day. Longest walk of my life. We parked at the SAM and walked down to the waterfront.
Then we looped around to Pike Place.

After that we decided we would walk to the Space Needle.
It was too expensive to go up it so we went to the experience the music museum thing that's right next door.

We saw a Nirvana exhibit (appropriate) and had a jam session where we mainly just gave John a headache.
I had to help John with this drugs.

Then we went to the game!
The Mariners aren't very good, at all. We decided we'd had enough at the top of the 6th inning when they were down 9 to 1. Yeah.

So then we went exploring for the Troll.

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