Wednesday, May 25, 2011

diamonds are a girl's best friend

Does it say the word man anywhere in that phrase? No.

That's because men should not wear diamonds. That kind of bling on a man is just weird. If I see a man wearing a ring with diamonds, a watch with diamonds, anything with diamonds, it's an automatic TURN-OFF.

"Oh hey you're cute....oh what is that shining in my face..."

(walk away)

It doesn't make you G, it just makes you gay.

Diamonds and white sunglasses. Things men should never own. You might as well be wearing an Ed Hardy shirt and this


Laci Brandley said...

BAHAHAHA! You crack me up. It is oh so true...

nicole said...

ha ha that's is FANtastic!

Taylor Ann said...

bahahahahahahaha. I like you more every day.