Thursday, June 23, 2011

more than I thought

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I've visited more states than I realized.

visited 16 states (32%)

I've gotta get out to that East coast.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my nights

look something like this...

{the bachelorette, pasta, and Big Joe}

don't's just kool-aid

oh p.s. you see those earrings? I made them

Moments that matter most

Oh those Mormon Messages. They get me every time.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I made a bracelet

I made this. nbd.

It's super easy to make.

I used suede lace, Swarovski flat back rhinestones, a hot glue gun, some ribbon, and Aleene's Jewel-It glue.

1. Measure the suede lace around your wrist to get the length you want for your bracelet. You can wrap it as many times as you'd like but don't make it super tight because you have to be able to slip it on and off. Also give yourself extra room because once you braid the length shortens. It's always easier to cut away to make it tighter, you can't really add material to make it longer.

2. Tie a knot on one end and braid away. Keep it straight and tight or gluing the rhinestones is going to be harder.

3. Hot glue the end of the braid to keep it in place. Undo the knot at the top and hot glue that too. Then hot glue the 2 ends together. It looks kind of gross so I tied a piece of ribbon on it to hide it.

4. Dab little tiny dots of glue onto the lace and place a rhinestone on top. I used the tip of a toothpick to press it into place. Work your way around placing rhinestones as you see fit. Let dry for a few hours before wearing or they'll fall off. It may not seem like it but the glue holds the rhinestones in place really well once completely dry.

And you're done! Easy peasy.

Monday, June 13, 2011


So I'm a doofus and totally forgot to take a before picture. I was too excited to get it spray painted.
But this started out originally as a mahogany/gold colored picture frame at D.I. I got it for $1.50 and then went to Hobby Lobby and bought a $3.00 craft mirror and viola!

I'm quite proud of myself.

So I went and bought these for myself.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

three things

I've never done one of these but I think it's super fun to read them on other people's blogs and find out more about them so here goes...

Three nicknames
1. Mon
2. Moni
3. Mona

Three jobs I have had in my life
1. cash control supervisor at Six Flags Fiesta Texas
2. customer service rep at Farmer's Insurance
3. human resource specialist at the MTC

Three places I have lived
1. Monterrey, MX
2. San Antonio, TX
3. Provo, UT

Three favorite drinks
1. Dr. Pepper
2. Cherry Fanta Slurpee
3. Strawberry Lemonade

Three TV shows that I watch
1. Modern Family (LOVE!)
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Raising Hope (hilarious)

Three places I have been
1. Seattle, WA
2. central coast CA
3. Orlando, FL

People that text me regularly
1. Andrea
2. Katie
3. Mom

Three of my favorite foods
1. sushi
2. tacos
3. pizza

Three things I am looking forward to
1. being married someday
2. having my own house
3. driving home in 2 weeks

Three things that are always by your side
1. cell phone
hmm this is hard...
2. the holy ghost
3. my purse

Three things most people don't know about me
1. Growing up I didn't really like children, like I didn't want to have any. Now I can't wait.
2. I really don't like doing things by myself.
3. I worry that people don't like all the time.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Too legit to quit

I'm finally official. An official volunteer at Primary Children's Medical Center that is.

It was an intense process. I applied months ago, yeah I had to apply to volunteer. Then they finally invited me for an orientation in early May. After that I had to get all sorts of things injected and screened. I had to go to another orientation, complete 16 training modules on my own, get another TB test and finally get my ID badge, t-shirt, and security clearance. I drove to and from Salt Lake a lot.

But now look at how legit I am!

(Katie was making me laugh)

That's right 2 legit 2 quit.
Except for I'm still legit.

Friday, June 10, 2011

This would make my life

Yeah, it's for real. It includes round-trip airfare for 2 and 7 nights! 7, at Mama Shelter. So go here if you want to enter. Contest closes 6/20/11.


That's what one shop owner called them. I call them antiques since I bought them at antique stores but whatever, we'll go with "treasures" for this post.

Yes. This is a post about treasures I've bought recently at a few different antique stores. I like them, so you get to see them.

Store: Finder's Keepers
Location: Olympia, WA
What? purse

Store: Village Antique Mart
Location: Arroyo Grande, CA
What? fire opal ring, pearl earrings, gold earrings
Ahh! I was so excited when I saw these.

Store: City Creek Antiques
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
What? brown cameo dangle earrings, Pegasus cuff
I got this for Clara but I seriously considered just keeping it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm in love

with myself for buying these for myself

they make my room so cheery

D.I. finds

Once upon a time I was bored, had nothing else to do so I decided to take a trip down to D.I. and roam around.

I was there oh about an hour and made out with some pretty great finds.

I got two belts ($3 each)

a clutch ($1)

a practically brand new purse ($2)

an awesome little green vase ($2)

and this fantastic blazer with elbow patches ($6)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look how cool I am

I was totally up and out the door for a nice, little, brisk morning jog before 7 am.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Awesome new blog

3 posts in one day?! What is this?! Unheard of. Sorry I couldn't resist.

I started following this awesome new blog today and just in time for a skirt giveaway.
I seriously wish I had her mad skills. or the patience. or even just a sewing machine. Yeah, that might be a good start.

Anyway I really want the skirt. And maybe you do too. I would tell you to hop on over there and enter but then my chances go down even I don't really know what to do here. I'm conflicted.

How about you just do what you want? Good for you if you enter, good for me if you don't :)

I hate

white shoes

I hate 'em.

Absolutely can't stand them.

I don't know what it is about them that just makes them look cheap.

Looking at pictures in which women are wearing them makes me gag.

Virgin River Gorge

Can we please talk about how BEAUTIFUL the Virgin River Gorge is?
You obviously have to hike to this spot but the pictures I took as I drove through it just don't do it justice. The colors are all washed out and blah.
Call me crazy but I'm much more impressed with dry desert than the lush greenness of the northwest.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I will not be fat

So I watch the Bachelorette, yes it's terrible, but I can't help myself.

This past Monday after it was over I saw this show...
In an hour period, they condense a year of following an obese person around while they lose a ton of weight. Rapid results, what I like to see.

Anyway, the whole time I'm watching this show all I can think about is how I need to start running and working out again.

I cannot possibly be this lazy.

So I got home from California and immediately asked Camille if we could go running together. So that's what we did tonight. Almost. She jogged; I half jogged, half walked, half died. And we weren't done with that. We also did Ab Ripper X. Apparently I have abs of steel (according to Camille). Yup. Abs of steel underneath the fat.

We'll see if I can stick with it this time. Tomorrow night is yoga....hopefully.