Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I will not be fat

So I watch the Bachelorette, yes it's terrible, but I can't help myself.

This past Monday after it was over I saw this show...
In an hour period, they condense a year of following an obese person around while they lose a ton of weight. Rapid results, what I like to see.

Anyway, the whole time I'm watching this show all I can think about is how I need to start running and working out again.

I cannot possibly be this lazy.

So I got home from California and immediately asked Camille if we could go running together. So that's what we did tonight. Almost. She jogged; I half jogged, half walked, half died. And we weren't done with that. We also did Ab Ripper X. Apparently I have abs of steel (according to Camille). Yup. Abs of steel underneath the fat.

We'll see if I can stick with it this time. Tomorrow night is yoga....hopefully.

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