Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In the month of July...

Some of my best blog ideas come when I'm half conscious. The only problem with that is that by the time I wake up I don't really remember all the witty things I'd planned on typing.

The problems I face, terrible, I know.

Anyway, I figured the reason I didn't post anything in July was because I was off somewhere too
busy having fun. And seeing how I only worked 12 days that entire month, it's a pretty good assumption.

So let's have a quick recap, shall we? If anything, just for my documenting purposes.

The month started off by the pool

and visiting Freedom Days in downtown Provo and being super Mexican by eating corn with mayo and chili powder

(and making Katie try it because it's not that gross)

It also included a visit to the zoo

and a baseball game with fireworks.

That was followed by a hike to Stewart Falls

and a trip to Texas to see my family.

Texas included make-overs,

house hunting, pool time,

and just general relaxing.

Then came the drive from Dallas to San Diego with some border patrol, rain storms, head nodding, and finally the sweet sweet feel of the ocean breeze.

Returning to Utah after that was a little hard but I consoled myself through watching Harry Potter, going to the end of an Owlz game to watch fireworks and heading back to the theaters to watch Captain America.

July was finished off by taking a camping trip up American Fork canyon and then having a smores lunch that Sunday.

Overall, a pretty good month.

Here's to August being a better month for the blog!


Camille said...

you left out like a lot.

Taylor Ann said...

I would like to hear about the "a lot" that you left out. Ps. I lost my contacts. text me. ps I would love to stalk your life via blog, so more posting would be appreciated ;)