Friday, August 12, 2011

what's your signature?

A little blog called younghouselove led me to this quiz over at we all know i'm not a hardcore design person but I have gotten better over the years. just click on pictures and viola! your signature lifestyle appears before your eyes.

my signature lifestyle is

The results are in – your Signature Lifestyle is Vintage. Vintage is a visually engaging mix of color and texture. A masterful display of the art of juxtaposition. Its thoughtful, collected vibe springs from a peaceful coexistence of seemingly unrelated elements. An eye-catching interplay of sunwashed fabrics, distressed finishes, and bold and graphic patterns add an element of surprise to any room.

and you know what? I'll take it!!

just to be on the safe side i took it twice and i got the same thing. the pictures switch up every time so it's essentially a different quiz every time you take it. 2 for 2.

1 comment:

The Ingoldsby's said...

mine said i was "explorer". I took it again and it said i was "romantic"... neither which i think i am. haha. woops. maybe my taste isn't as developed as yours and i'm too ecclectic and random to be put in a design box. Or i have weird taste. which is probably more true...