Friday, September 30, 2011

I got a promotion at work

to the Secret Service!

A few weeks ago the Secret Service came to the MTC two days in a row because we had the Prime Ministers of Tonga and Samoa come tour.

I was the designated photographer so I walked around with them. At one point one of them told me I was doing a good job and gave me that pin. Ha!

Aren't those the pins they hand out to children? Either way I felt cool.

And maybe this is a foreshadowing of my future life?...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

some nights are more eventful than others

like Saturday night compared to tonight when I'm finally catching up on blogging

Oh you want to hear about it? K here goes. Hopefully I remember all the details. Darn this terrible memory of mine. Good thing I'm blogging about it, eh? Ok I'll get to the story now.

So Saturday, I laid around all day. Watched Suits (new TV show from the summer you should check out) and then finally started getting ready for the day/night at around 2 PM.

I finally left my house at 5 PM (yeah got ready for 3 hours apparently, doesn't happen often). Katie and I drove up to Salt Lake, in her car, and went to Z'Tejas (see birthday clubs post). After our lovely meal, we went to Anthropologie where I got an awesome skirt for only $20, originally $98. Score! Said skirt is pictured below.

After that we drove over to Abravanel Hall for the Symphony. Love it.

So we're in line waiting to get into the parking garage and we start smelling something funky. Now I had smelt this before with Chewy (my old car) and thought "oh no, there goes the water pump." We finally get into the parking garage, pull into a spot on the second level and boom, the car exploded. Ok not literally. It started to steam under the hood. So we get out in our heels and fancy outfits, pop the hood and look.

We figure we should let it cool before we mess around with it so we went into the symphony and listened to some Stravinsky and Beethoven.

After the 2 hour performance we come out and once again pop the hood. We couldn't really figure anything out (surprise, surprise) so we just called AAA. That conversation was painful. The dude on the other end was kind of slow. Then the tow truck driver called me to get more details. I told him what happened and that we were on the second level of a parking garage with 6'2" clearance. Awesome. He asked if we could get it to the street and I said we could try pushing it but we were both in heels at the moment. He laughed and asked if we'd both be riding back with him to Provo. Um, no thank you.

We had 2 nice old men (grandpa age) ask if they could help. One wanted to pour Nyquil into the car. No thanks.

So we ended up riding back with the tow truck, he was a nice man and also had a missionary moment with him, even though he told us he didn't believe we were full on LDS. What is that supposed to mean?

After an hour ride with the tow truck man, we get to Provo. It's midnight and now we need to figure out how we were getting home from the shop we dropped the car off at. I like having friends that stay up late. John was a dear and came right away to rescue Katie and me.

Eventful night, no? And winded. This was a long post. Sorry about that. Hopefully at least the pictures were worth it. Ha.

Monday, September 26, 2011

different types of crying

I was talking to my roommate earlier about crying. I don't remember how we got on the topic but I realized, and maybe y'all already knew this about me, but I am a huge crier. Like for everything and anything pretty much.

I have done lots of crying lately. Lots. Like I cried at 2 different occasions just today. And no they weren't just an inside sort of sadness cry. In both instances, tears were streaming down my face.

different reasons/types of crying:
laying on my bedroom floor listening to sad love/breakup songs audibly crying

listening to Conference talks tears streaming down my face no noise crying

watching a religious movie and fighting to keep audible sobs from coming out because I'm in the presence of others while eyes and nose are streaming crying (which is actually quite painful, to try and keep sobs in)

laughing or smiling to keep from crying

I'm so angry and/or frustrated with you crying

PMSing and crying for no good reason

{Goodness. It's scary being me.}

Sunday, September 25, 2011

birthday clubs

I love free food. Especially good free food. These are some birthday clubs you should sign up for so you can have some of this free food. I'm only listing the best ones.

Benihana gives you a $30 voucher to use. Wanna know what that can get you?
Soup, salad, raspberry lemonade, half a sushi roll, fried rice, some veggies, chicken, shrimps, and a birthday sundae. I couldn't eat half of it before I was full. I had to take all of this home for the next day.

And they also take a picture and print it out for you. I wish more restaurants added that extra little bonus.

Happy Sumo gives you $15. Delicious. I got myself a Vegas roll.

Z'Tejas gives you $10 off a meal. I got these shrimp guacamole tostada things.

They were pretty good and the waiter was a really nice hipster man. My meal was originally 10.75 but when the check came out he said my difference was only .38 and that he'd take care of it. And he also gave us dessert on the house.
{it looks gross but I promise it wasn't. apple cobbler with ice cream}

I did not complain one bit.

Red Robin is also pretty good. They give you a free burger of your choice. I haven't used this one yet but I have in previous years.

Friday, September 16, 2011


When I first heard Ocean Avenue, I kind of liked it, then I thought it was super annoying and hence I didn't really give Yellowcard the time of day.

2008 rolled around and I was dating someone who loved Yellowcard so I decided to give them another listen and fell in love. Their album Paper Walls was a life changer for me.

I broke up with the guy that I was dating (or rather he broke up with me but that's a minor technicality) and Yellowcard got me through it (or made me more depressed). Can't really remember anymore.

I shed many a tear to these songs. Regardless, I love Yellowcard. They are seriously underrated.

I will be going to see them in concert on Oct 13 and you should come with.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new goal

I have a new goal in life. I may talk about it at some point on the blog. Maybe not.

But for now, know that my new goal requires me to get back into shape. So I started working out again.

Three days in and I'm already up to running 2 miles. You may not think that's a big deal but believe me it is.

Day 1 (Monday) I didn't even make it a mile before walking.

Day 2 (Tuesday) I made it a mile.

Day 3 (today) I ran 2 complete miles.

I'm feeling good about this.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm feeling this one today. Like I woke up singing this out of the blue and have probably already listened to it 50 times this morning. Not even exaggerating.

glad I'm not the only one

Sunday, September 11, 2011


This lady knows what she's doing.

I've had this song on repeat pretty much non stop the last 2 days.

Hopefully I'll soon move from that stage to this one...

Her explanation in the first video about the songs is exactly how I feel right now. Some people just have a better way of expressing themselves.

Yes I know I sound pathetic but sometimes you just have to say things out loud to get over them.