Sunday, September 25, 2011

birthday clubs

I love free food. Especially good free food. These are some birthday clubs you should sign up for so you can have some of this free food. I'm only listing the best ones.

Benihana gives you a $30 voucher to use. Wanna know what that can get you?
Soup, salad, raspberry lemonade, half a sushi roll, fried rice, some veggies, chicken, shrimps, and a birthday sundae. I couldn't eat half of it before I was full. I had to take all of this home for the next day.

And they also take a picture and print it out for you. I wish more restaurants added that extra little bonus.

Happy Sumo gives you $15. Delicious. I got myself a Vegas roll.

Z'Tejas gives you $10 off a meal. I got these shrimp guacamole tostada things.

They were pretty good and the waiter was a really nice hipster man. My meal was originally 10.75 but when the check came out he said my difference was only .38 and that he'd take care of it. And he also gave us dessert on the house.
{it looks gross but I promise it wasn't. apple cobbler with ice cream}

I did not complain one bit.

Red Robin is also pretty good. They give you a free burger of your choice. I haven't used this one yet but I have in previous years.

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