Monday, September 26, 2011

different types of crying

I was talking to my roommate earlier about crying. I don't remember how we got on the topic but I realized, and maybe y'all already knew this about me, but I am a huge crier. Like for everything and anything pretty much.

I have done lots of crying lately. Lots. Like I cried at 2 different occasions just today. And no they weren't just an inside sort of sadness cry. In both instances, tears were streaming down my face.

different reasons/types of crying:
laying on my bedroom floor listening to sad love/breakup songs audibly crying

listening to Conference talks tears streaming down my face no noise crying

watching a religious movie and fighting to keep audible sobs from coming out because I'm in the presence of others while eyes and nose are streaming crying (which is actually quite painful, to try and keep sobs in)

laughing or smiling to keep from crying

I'm so angry and/or frustrated with you crying

PMSing and crying for no good reason

{Goodness. It's scary being me.}

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