Tuesday, September 27, 2011

some nights are more eventful than others

like Saturday night compared to tonight when I'm finally catching up on blogging

Oh you want to hear about it? K here goes. Hopefully I remember all the details. Darn this terrible memory of mine. Good thing I'm blogging about it, eh? Ok I'll get to the story now.

So Saturday, I laid around all day. Watched Suits (new TV show from the summer you should check out) and then finally started getting ready for the day/night at around 2 PM.

I finally left my house at 5 PM (yeah got ready for 3 hours apparently, doesn't happen often). Katie and I drove up to Salt Lake, in her car, and went to Z'Tejas (see birthday clubs post). After our lovely meal, we went to Anthropologie where I got an awesome skirt for only $20, originally $98. Score! Said skirt is pictured below.

After that we drove over to Abravanel Hall for the Symphony. Love it.

So we're in line waiting to get into the parking garage and we start smelling something funky. Now I had smelt this before with Chewy (my old car) and thought "oh no, there goes the water pump." We finally get into the parking garage, pull into a spot on the second level and boom, the car exploded. Ok not literally. It started to steam under the hood. So we get out in our heels and fancy outfits, pop the hood and look.

We figure we should let it cool before we mess around with it so we went into the symphony and listened to some Stravinsky and Beethoven.

After the 2 hour performance we come out and once again pop the hood. We couldn't really figure anything out (surprise, surprise) so we just called AAA. That conversation was painful. The dude on the other end was kind of slow. Then the tow truck driver called me to get more details. I told him what happened and that we were on the second level of a parking garage with 6'2" clearance. Awesome. He asked if we could get it to the street and I said we could try pushing it but we were both in heels at the moment. He laughed and asked if we'd both be riding back with him to Provo. Um, no thank you.

We had 2 nice old men (grandpa age) ask if they could help. One wanted to pour Nyquil into the car. No thanks.

So we ended up riding back with the tow truck, he was a nice man and also had a missionary moment with him, even though he told us he didn't believe we were full on LDS. What is that supposed to mean?

After an hour ride with the tow truck man, we get to Provo. It's midnight and now we need to figure out how we were getting home from the shop we dropped the car off at. I like having friends that stay up late. John was a dear and came right away to rescue Katie and me.

Eventful night, no? And winded. This was a long post. Sorry about that. Hopefully at least the pictures were worth it. Ha.

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