Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sometimes I go to D.I. and buy evidenced below.....see that lamp?

It was white with a pink flowery lamp shade. Sadly I didn't get a before picture so the one I took at D.I. will have to do. Anyway, I spray painted the base an almond color and made a new lampshade.

I saw a pin on Pinterest about glitter candles. So I made one a few nights ago. I bought a new candle from D.I. for 75 cents and then went to Hobby Lobby and bought some glitter and tacky glue. 

Wrapped up half of it, put the glue on and then went to town with the glitter and boom.

Glitter candle! It looks better in person. It would probably also look better if I took a picture with a real camera and not with my phone.