Monday, February 27, 2012

Once upon a time I got dumped...for the 4th the same person...

....I know...


The first two times I think I just made myself feel better by spending lots of money at the mall.

The third time I chopped my hair off.

The fourth time? Well, that is where this story begins...

About a week after the aforementioned blessed event I get a text from bff Katie saying she hadn't yet fulfilled her goal of leaving town for the month. So she asked how I would feel about a lady spa weekend. Um yes please, sign me up!

So this past weekend, after work on Friday, we jumped in the car and drove down to San Jorge. I don't know why but I refuse to say it in English. It has a nicer ring to it in Spanish either way.

We got there Friday night, checked into our hotel and went out in search of food. We found a lovely local Mexican restaurant, Pancho and Lefty's. After dinner we found a movie theater and watched "The Woman in Black". Yep totally freaked me out.

Saturday we were awake by 8 am. Yay sleeping in! We watched TV for a little while, got dressed and decided to find something to do while we waited for the spa to open. We drove down Main Street and stopped by an estate jewelry store and a few garage sales. I got these awesome earrings for 50 cents. 

When we finally got to the spa, we checked in and got our spa sandals. 

We then went over to the buffet lunch included in our package. After lunch we took a quick dip in the pool, which was still too cold so we moved over to the hot tub. After the hot tub we headed to the steam room for a bit and then lounged in our spa robes and read until our appointments started. 

I had the best hour facial, followed by an hour massage, and then a pedicure. Is it weird that I like people touching me? 

That night we ended by eating at a little family Italian restaurant, going to the movies again and watching This Means War, and then getting frozen custard (which was delish).

Sunday we were again awake by 8 am. We had breakfast and then hit the road back to Provo. It was a lovely, relaxed weekend in which I blew tons of money to have people pamper me. Worth it? Yeah I'd say so. The only down side? Lots of time to think.


Taylor Ann said...

UM I need you in my life. for SO many reasons.

Camille said...

Think about me, right?

And this whole trip sounds so marvelous