Sunday, February 12, 2012

I stumbled upon this little store on Thursday evening, and by little I mean ginormous...

That is only a very small section of the huge warehouse this thing occupied. I didn't even go through it all....mainly because there was a creepy section that could have been the set of a horror movie.

So anyway, there I was meandering through the many rows of antiques...which were super expensive because they dated wayyy back.

Here are some of my favorite things I stumbled upon

A stuffed lion....

Oh you don't like lions? Then what about this stuffed gazelle..

I think this would be awesome in the entryway of a house..hopefully my house someday

The detailing on this thing was amazing

I want this..only it was already sold

I thought this little rocking chair was adorable and would be super cute in a kids room

and I just thought this one was fun

Last but not least, these creepy tribal things.. there were quite a few creepy things there

I couldn't take pictures of most things straight on because most of the isles were so narrow. There was so much to explore.

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